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“Plug and play” substations

Agility in grid development and resilience in operation

High-voltage E-houses, skids, and mobile substations up to 420 kV from Siemens are proven power supply problem solvers in numerous utility and industry applications that demand extra flexibility and speed. 

Much more than you’d expect

Siemens’ portable power solutions consist of self-contained “plug and play” switching stations built as fully mobile substation on a trailer, a skid, or inside a shelter as an “E-house”.


The modules contain all components for a complete substation, from the power transformer and AIS or GIS switchgear to medium- and high-voltage cables, protection, monitoring and control systems, and auxiliary AC and DC power supplies.

How portable power solutions pay off

Siemens portable power solutions offer various benefits that help save considerable amounts of time and capital expenditures in different applications.

Time savings of up to 30%

Siemens portable power solutions transfer a large amount of site work to the factory environment. This way, the prefabricated substations can bring time savings of up to 30% in substation construction. They also reduce the risk exposure significantly thanks to: 

  • Full assembly and test prior to shipment 
  • Integrated modular design, which translates into less interface risk
  • Simplified and faster civil works 
  • Reduced duration of site works and less need of skilled labor.


Advantages of portable power solutions

Grid connection wherever and whenever required

Siemens portable power solutions are the versatile temporary or permanent answer for challenging grid expansion and back-up cases

Typical fields of application


Resilience and agility in grid management

Siemens portable power solutions can increase the resiliency of a power grid and help ensure uninterrupted service. They provide a quick and efficient solution for the emergency restoration of power in the case of equipment failure. 


They can also serve as a temporary bypass substation to enable major maintenance or refurbishment programs to be carried out in an optimized manner. Moreover, they are an ideal backup to enable quick grid reinforcement when it comes to handling seasonal peak loads or fast grid extensions.


Reliable power supply

Focusing on the earliest possible startup date despite extreme environments and severe work conditions, energy intensive industries, such as oil and gas, metals, mining, chemicals, and semiconductors, are extensively relying on "plug and play" modules to build their plants. 


Siemens’ highly reliable single-lift or modular prefabricated substations are entirely tested prior to shipment. They provide added value by shortening and simplifying site works considerably, this way ensuring the earliest possible plant energization date.


Safe and secure grid connection

Power generation of any size aims at an early and uninterrupted generation process during the entire life of the power plant. This calls for quick and reliable grid connection wherever a power plant may be located – a factor that becomes increasingly important with the growing amount of renewables-based power generation. 


In such cases, Siemens portable power solutions offer permanent time savings. They also serve as an optimal temporary backup and are an efficient alternative to securing reliable operation on the basis of equipment redundancy.

Technology for extra speed and flexibility