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Secure and reliable grid operation

Optimized for security of supply and future viability

Ensuring grid stability and security of supply is growing increasingly complicated, while efficient network operation is becoming more and more difficult. How can these challenges be best mastered?

New ideas for greater stability

In many countries renewable energy sources and decentralized feed-in at different voltage levels are making the grids more and more complicated. In numerous places, microgrids have to be incorporated as the smallest possible smart grids. Other elements are ageing resources and technologies that have to be refurbished, or the development of a comprehensive, profitable power network. There are also regional differences in norms and standards for the safety of resources, zero-harm strategies, defense strategies to deal with cyber threats, and the importance of outage management and fundamental demands in terms of reliability of the power supply.


The multiplicity of tasks often comes at the expense of efficiency, since there is no overview over the grid or insight into the processes within the grid. Integrating state-of-the-art meters and powerful analytical methods supplies the information needed to operate, plan and expand the grid in the best possible way. Automating key processes also improves the speed of response during peak load times or outages. This helps ensure compatibility between secure, reliable operation and improvements in efficiency. Ongoing optimization also makes for greater future-proofing.

Self-healing solutions for distribution systems

Self-healing grids encourage stability

Self-healing grids have proven their worth as a means of increasing the security of supply, thanks to their ability to switch over automatically, isolate the fault, and even independently reconnect. This ensures that all possible network areas are supplied accordingly. Furthermore, these solutions are ideally suited to handle failures that affect critical electricity consumers such as industrial plants or data centers. In such cases, supply interruptions often need to be eliminated in less than a minute. Siemens supplies proven automation solutions that restore the power supply within a few hundred milliseconds.

Products and solutions

Grid control made faster

The grid is becoming intelligent – and quick to respond

The integration of intelligence and dynamism into the grid makes for security of supply and minimized outages. That makes it possible to respond swiftly to new events.

Only speed, flexibility and the right decisions taken at the right time make it possible to maintain secure, reliable and efficient grid operation. The concept of Agility in energy is thus the key to future-proof grid operation, based on the integration of communications-capable steering, control and analytical tools like Spectrum Power Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS). The result is an intelligent and often decentralized grid that also supplies valuable data. Smart analyses make it possible to draw conclusions about the future status of the grid, avoiding outages, optimizing maintenance intervals and increasing efficiency. It also makes possible an ideal compromise between expanding a grid (where necessary) and making more efficient use of the available resources using smart components (where possible).


To achieve the desired agility, technology partners must have a clear vision for the future, display a high level of flexibility and speed of their own, and have the skills to integrate new concepts into existing solutions. A precondition for implementing the defined actions swiftly and on-target is advanced problem-solving skills, as offered by Siemens. Experience in many industries and as leaders of innovation in the fields of electrification, automation and digitalization means that the experts from Siemens know where and how to implement technologies to ensure their customers get the best advantage from close and long-term cooperation, from identifying problems through to designing solutions.


Secure network operation in practical use

Siemens products and services are tailored to customer requirements, giving you the agility you need to enable rapid, targeted and forward-looking responses. Some reference projects are listed below.