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Optimize your cost situation

Optimized costs give you more room to manoeuvre

Skillful investment in the future of the grids increases not only security of supply but also the economic efficiency of grid operation.


Knowing how it’s done: investing during times of change

The transformation of the energy systems often requires investments in the future of grid operation. Change can also impact on revenue flows, since more and more power customers now use less power thanks to energy-efficient devices, or generate their own power in addition. In other locations, regulated electricity prices serve to cap revenues, or companies seek to force further growth. In short, you need to optimize your cost situation to ensure that the grids can continue to be operated economically. To do that, you need to know precisely where you need to invest, and how – and where the funds will come from. Making better use of available resources can reduce costs, and the funds thus freed up can be invested in greater future security. 


Novel financing models like “lease to buy” or “pay as you save” can prove practical options, just like new technologies to make better use of existing resources like predictive maintenance strategies. Close market observation can highlight new revenue options that can then be capitalized on with targeted investment. Partnership approaches are useful in many cases as a way of bolstering your own core competencies while letting others handle the less important areas, or drawing on special services to deal with them.

Products and solutions

A good start is half the battle

Proven solutions with savvy

There are lots of ways to improve economic success. The best result is achieved when all the possibilities are ideally coordinated. For this to happen, it is essential to have a detailed understanding of the challenges facing grid operators and power providers, have a good grasp of the energy systems and understand the conditions on the market.

Novel technologies to make better use of available resources can be used if anything still needs to be modernized. Further cost reductions are provided by specialized partner companies that offer customized services and can optimize areas outside of your core business. Detailed analysis of strategic investments in new business models offers a further lever for increased growth without neglecting your main lines of business. In general terms, the changes in the market situation necessitate an new and holistic appraisal of the energy system, looking ahead to further changes and preparing for them.


To make best use of this wealth of opportunities, you need the proven solutions that Siemens can offer. So these can be precisely adapted to your customers’ specific needs, the experts from Siemens will provide thorough advice, future-oriented strategies and detailed planning. Siemens offers an extensive range of services to optimize resources, a proven Demand Response Management System (DRMS), and a smart approach to reducing non-technical losses (“NTL”) with EnergyIP NTL. Siemens provides solid, comprehensive consulting and analyses to support the development and implementation of strategic refinements to the grid as well as new business models.


Costs and benefits in balance

Optimizing the cost situation opens up new opportunities to shape the future. Some reference projects are listed below.