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The importance of innovation

Full innovative power ahead

Innovations are changing our energy systems, generating greater dynamism, disrupting existing thinking patterns and reassigning roles in the energy market. All this offers new opportunities for flexible companies with lean structures.


Innovative ways of thinking make the dynamic manageable

Along with other factors, innovations play a major role in shaping the changes taking place in our energy systems. New technologies are reshaping network topologies, increasing the pressure on grid operators and power utilities to make investments strategically, cleverly, and at the right time. Cost reductions, efficiency improvements, and the observance of rules and standards are all often based on technical innovations and are thus fundamental to cost-efficient grid operation. At the same time, advances in digitalization mean energy companies have to increasingly rely on software. This dynamic is nothing new for start-ups and companies in the software industry, but it creates complex challenges for many traditional market players. They have to guarantee security of supply with the long service lives their resources offer, while also keeping up with the rapid pace of the digital transformation.


Digitalization in all areas of life has also changed the perception and expectations of power customers. Transparent consumption figures, the growing desire for individual solutions, and the speed with which alternatives can be found via the Internet all have an impact on the energy market. To keep electricity customers satisfied and retain them for the long term, it is essential to offer products and services that are both transparent and a perfect fit, all tailored to specific consumption patterns.


The basic principle here is also agility: in thinking, in organization and in the processes of innovation. This makes it possible to handle previously unfamiliar new software with and new technologies confidence. Young companies, which operate on the energy market as new players benefit from thorough consulting services and appropriate solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Products and solutions

Agile into the future

Turning innovative ideas into reality quickly

It’s important for all market players, both old and new, to activate their own power of innovation to implement new and progressive solutions quickly – for both hardware and software solutions, and both attitudes and action.

Siemens products, solutions and services help absorb the effects of the far-reaching changes facing market players. Decades of experience in different industries and extensive expertise in electrification, automation, and digitalization ensure Siemens products and services are tested from the perspective of innovation  and enable the necessary agility through rapid project implementation. If there are still no suitable solutions, Siemens will work with the customer to develop new strategies. Working together to develop new ideas, share knowledge and drive innovations forward, and staying close at hand for customers beyond project completion, ensure that all market players are able to obtain the best possible solutions and innovations for their needs. In this way, Siemens encourages players to network within the new energy ecosystem, and supports the shared efforts to shape the energy systems of the future. 


The Siemens portfolio includes hardware and software for effective grid control, solutions for end-to-end networking of resources, both with each other and with company IT systems, comprehensive services, and flexible financing solutions. 


Siemens is also a partner in the development and implementation of new business models. Experts will examine and evaluate ideas, business plans, and financing models in order to process new ideas effectively and expedite their time to market. This applies to both new business models and to existing models adapted due to changing market conditions. Today's electricity customers expect more transparency and individualized offers, and intelligent meters and analysissoftware, such as EnergyIP Analytics Suite, empower network operators to rise to these challenges.

New business models

Technology and financing from a single source

Whether it's lease-to-buy, expert know-how fort start-ups, or digitalization-based offerings, Siemens provides and supports new business models.

Siemens CTO Prof. Dr. Michael Weinhold and Prof. Dr. Günther Brauner discuss the challenges and opportunities of the wide-reaching upheaval in energy markets.
Shaping the future with innovative solutions

Siemens CTO Prof. Dr. Michael Weinhold and Prof. Dr. Günther Brauner discuss the challenges and opportunities of the wide-reaching upheaval in energy markets.

Intelligent answers for a complex system
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