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Giving your office building the competitive edge.

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Everlasting change in the work environment continuously generates new challenges

A digital work environment requires intelligent workspaces

Digitalization changes everything: how we live and how we work. More and more devices generate even more data. In the form of big data and the IoT, this data is revolutionizing every sector – including the building industry. Advanced building technology makes it possible to transform office buildings into perfect places for a wide range of needs. With the right combination of people, technology and services, we help you to create perfect places to work: Office spaces that answer tomorrow’s challenges with intelligence and flexibility.


Flexible, sustainable and comfortable – office buildings also need “soft skills”

Saving capital and operating costs remain key factors for the attractiveness of buildings for both operators and investors. With the millennials entering the workforce the needle is moving towards more user centricity. Productivity, flexibility and sustainability are becoming critical competitive advantages. State-of-the-art security and fire safety are taken as must-haves. This is accompanied by growing pressure to work as cost-effectively as possible and to maintain maximum transparency throughout all steps in the engineering, construction and operating phases of the building. Building operators need a solution that combines maximum flexibility with the greatest possible comfort in a modern, pleasant work environment in order to optimally meet the business objectives of a wide range of stakeholders.

Enhance productivity and creativity through greater comfort

Comfortable and high-tech modern office spaces are key to more efficient work, in a perfect atmosphere that increases productivity and attracts young talent.

Flexible solutions to meet today’s demands and those of the future

Flexibility is one of the most important competitive factors for office spaces: These spaces must be quickly, easily and cost-effectively adaptable to the widest possible range of usage and requirements.

Optimal protection for people, data and assets

In order to work in a creative and productive manner, workers need an environment in which they feel safe. At the same time, companies must ensure that only authorized persons can access the building in order to protect the individuals, data and assets on the premises.

More transparency for greater sustainability, higher performance and improved reliability

80 percent of total building cost result from building operation. Maximum data transparency ensures efficient and reliable operation of buildings over their entire lifecycle. At the same time, energy costs and CO2 emissions are reduced and the growing demands for corporate social responsibility are met.

Perfect places for productive work

Perfect results need a perfect environment

Productivity, flexibility, safety, transparency and sustainability: Modern office buildings must simultaneously meet a broad range of challenges. By 2030, 75 percent of all workers will be millennials – and the expectations placed on the work environment are growing with their numbers.


For maximum performance: Building technology that thinks ahead

The perfect work environment is one that makes work easier. With the perfect surroundings, we are better able to focus on our tasks. A premium office is so flexible that it adjusts to the size of our teams. It gives us the positive feeling of total safety – and we can be certain that this comfort does not come at the expense of the environment.


Our building technology portfolio offers you everything you need to create premium offices with perfect conditions in your building. The building management platform Desigo CC ensures that all disciplines interact optimally. Desigo Room Automation ensures a uniform control strategy and creates a perfect interaction between heat, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting and shading. This provides an individual control of comfort for every employee. Optimal air quality in office rooms has a significant effect on productivity. The systems are flexible and can be adapted to new room use models and room requirements without significant expenditure of time or money. In addition, high-tech fire safety and security systems ensure that only specific individuals can access the building and can evacuate quickly and without injury in the event of danger.


Sustainably good: better performance, less stress on the environment

Sustainable business is more than just a question of cost.  Within the building operating costs, energy costs are one of the largest cost factors, public expectations for corporate social responsibility have also increased: The public expects companies to responsibly manage natural resources. Thus, environmental protection starts right in the office. The key to effective building operation is digitalization. Buildings communicate with us and generate data that provide exact insight into all processes in the building. The building management platform Desigo CC  makes this data transparent and provides valuable insight into how costs and emissions can be reduced and also increases the planning reliability for maintenance work. This makes your building more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly and directly involves the building’s users in individual energy-saving options.

Use Case DB Schenker

This building makes room for solutions

Moving things from A to B sounds like a simple task. Actually, Germany’s largest logistics company, DB Schenker, does much more – because the increasing number of people ordering more and more items profoundly affects the environment, traffic and cities. The DB Schenker team meets these challenges and continues to develop new solutions to ensure that orders arrive exactly when they are needed.

Specific prerequisites must be fulfilled in order to continue finding new ideas: Employees must feel comfortable and safe in order to deliver great work. Building technology from Siemens fulfills precisely this need: Solutions for fire safety, security and building management create perfect conditions for 900 workers in an area of 19,000 square meters. The high degree of digitalization of the solution, centrally controlled by the Desigo CC building management platform, is particularly impressive. This encompasses 560 room operator units, a fire alarm system with 1,500 fire detectors, an access control system with 40 readers, an intrusion detection system, a video surveillance system and DALI lighting control.


Combined with a sustainability concept that has received LEED silver certification, the DB Schenker head office is thus a perfect place that attracts new talent to develop new solutions. Safe, comfortable and sustainable.

I am convinced that our modern, efficient and flexible buildings help make us attractive for new talent.

Sandra Klein, Marketing Manager, DB Schenker AG

#CreatingPerfectPlaces around the world

Siemens Headquarter

Perfect equipment to create perfect working conditions

We have exactly the products you need to make your office spaces intelligent, sustainable and attractive – and to transform your building into a perfect place.