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Harnessing powerful insight for intelligent and profitable wind power plant management

In the future, successful wind power plant management will occur at the intersection of performance optimization, flexible control, and secure solutions. Winsight360 uses the industry’s highest level of human expertise and innovation to integrate energy, grid and asset management, control and instrumentation, and cyber security into holistic solutions to generate smart wind power for generations to come. 

Take a look at how you can profit from the Winsight360 wind power plant management solution.
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The future is now

Wind power is one of the fastest-growing energy sources in the world. By 2030, wind power could achieve a sustained annual capacity of 2,110 GW, however; this expansion presents both challenges and opportunities. To meet the global demand for wind energy, wind power plant owners must increase availability and reduce costs, while increasing performance at higher level of quality and predictability. Wind power plants must implement intelligent, seamlessly integrated solutions that combine all aspects of control, communication, monitoring, and visualization. Winsight360 enables wind power plant owners to deliver the efficient, reliable, and cost-effective energy of the future in record time. 

Big data insights are driving the wind industry into a new era of power optimization. Discover how big data insights become even bigger outcomes.
The power of big data

Energy Management

Increase uptime and output while driving down costs

In every step of a wind power plant’s operational life, there are numerous obstacles to overcome to ensure continuous availability and optimized performance. Winsight360 deploys a range of applications and solutions based on our extensive expertise to secure your investments by maximizing energy uptime and output. 

Starting at the individual turbine level, Winsight360 combines industry-leading turbine technology and decades of experience and expertise in energy efficiency to improve your bottom line. As a flexible solution, Winsight360 delivers turbine enhancements that provide measurable improvements for individual projects. For example, High Wind Ride Through (HWRT) is an intelligent solution for both onshore and offshore wind turbines that enables more stable energy production. The power boost function raises a wind power plant’s output limitation under certain conditions, while the de-icing system and Operation with Ice (OWI) feature increase availability and annual energy production (AEP) under extreme weather conditions.  


Winsight360 provides an opportunity to maximize wind turbine uptime and energy output through advanced technology. As the Original Equipment Manufacturer, Siemens effectively uses operational sensor data to create solutions that respond to specific turbine and customer needs. In fact, 80% of all the data-driven applications are standalone components that enable our customers to generate more energy from the same infrastructure.

Grid Management

Stabilizing and optimizing the grid

We offer an industry-leading variety of reactive power capabilities that help our customers achieve superior grid quality and performance. 

The increasingly strong trend towards integration of distributed generating plants into the electrical network results in the rising challenge of grid stability. Winsight360’s scalable technologies and solutions deliver grid integration, operation, and stability for wind power plants of all types and sizes. The Low Voltage Ride Through ensures the inverter does not shut down immediately when brief voltage dips occur, while the High Voltage Ride Through absorbs reactive power when voltage spikes arise. The Generic Frequency Response enables a one-size fits all support to grid stability in both under- and over-frequency events, aiding the balance between generation and load. In terms of grid integration, our patented topology controls allow all operating parameters to be adjusted as needed, creating a powerful basis for yield optimization and maximum availability. 

Intelligent enablers mitigate risk and ensure grid compliance

Asset Management

Turning insight into competitive gains

Winsight360’s Asset Management solutions allow customers to capture and analyze historical and real-time operational data to improve asset performance, reduce costs, and safeguard the environment and the asset, while facilitating evidence-based decision-making for intelligent wind power plant management.

With Winsight360, customers can implement automated remote monitoring and control strategies to enhance overall reliability, efficiency and sustainability. These features are enabled by the data-driven SCADA system which collects, stores, and analyzes the data from hundreds of thousands of data points in regional, national and global networks. The processed data can be customized according to specific customer needs, with advanced reporting functionality providing visibility of performance and quality both in the short- and long-term. This transparency and control via the SCADA system identifies opportunities to optimize performance, increase availability through predictive maintenance, boost operational intelligence, and calculate key performance indicators (KPIs).


The SCADA system is accessed through an intuitive, user-friendly interface that depicts the intelligent turbine and plant controller systems of Winsight360’s Grid Management solutions and the data-driven upgrades of Winsight360’s Energy Management solutions. In addition, the SCADA system helps to safeguard the environment and provides asset protection monitoring and controlling. 

The innovative ice detection system increases turbine availability by minimizing downtime during icy conditions. The ice detection system also increases safety by identifying ice on the blades and issuing a subsequent turbine stop command. 

During extreme weather events, wind turbines equipped with Siemens state-of-the-art Hurricane Mode technology are able to withstand major wind storms and thereby significantly reducing the risk of asset damage. 

In regions characterized by sandstorms, wind turbines can immediately react to sudden-onset sandstorms by modifying operations through means of turbine sensors. The rotors are brought to a slow idle when the dust levels exceeds the limit and the production resumes automatically when dust levels settle. The sandstorm detection system thereby protects the blades from excessive surface erosion. 

Monitored via the SCADA system, the lightning detection system tracks lightning impacts per turbine and provides maintenance technicians with real-time alarms and data for targeted service inspections and performance overviews. 

Siemens Gamesa Sector Management adapts wind turbines to neighboring wakes or environmental effects, avoiding continuous curtailment and improving power plant production. 

This SCADA function idles turbine operations during periods of time known to have a high likelihood of bat presence and interference. To reduce loss of production, the Bat Function includes a set of parameters that enable the operator to activate the function only when there is an increased risk of bats in the turbine vicinity. Additional variables such as season, dusk/dawn, wind speed, wind direction, and ambient temperature are considered when the function is activated. 

Although our wind turbines are among the quietest on the market, we have developed a unique noise control system that can switch between normal operation to noise-reduced operation depending on site requirements. 

To avoid shadow flicker in residential areas, we have integrated a predictive system that determines when shadow flicker will occur at nearby residential areas and subsequently stops turbine rotation until the shadow moves onto uninhabited land. 

Control and Instrumentation Solutions

Achieve flexibility and customizability

Winsight360 energy, grid and asset management are enabled by advanced control and instrumentation hardware and software solutions that provide a high-degree of site-wide automation and customization. 

At an individual plant level, Winsight360’s control and instrumentation architecture increases the value of advanced software models and analytics. Converting insights into actionable outcomes, Winsight360’s flexible control and instrumentation ensures a wind power plant remains compliant and stable under changing industry dynamics. First, customers can access data at multiple levels, ranging from individual turbines to the wind power plant. Second, digital products provide operational automation and customization by enabling customers to exert control over plant functionalities.

Cyber Security

Protecting power production through industrial cyber security

As enablers of the critical electricity infrastructure in many countries, Winsight360 helps wind power plant owners build layered defenses with a comprehensive security solution that addresses system and software integrity, network security and plant security.

Armed with best practices in architecture, design and management developed across thousands of global client deployments, we are a long-term, reliable, and trusted partner that provides a holistic and comprehensive approach to secure products, solutions and services. Winsight360’s advanced cyber security is implemented across all levels of the wind power plant: energy management, grid management, asset management and control and instrumentation. Gain transparency on the security status of your operations and proactively defend against potential cyberattacks with the help of our cyber security experts.


Optimize the management of your wind power plant

Learn more about how we are harnessing powerful insight to provide intelligent and profitable wind power plant management. 

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