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Product information

Flexible enough for even the toughest conditions

For the very first time a typhoon class certified wind turbine is available with Direct Drive technology – the SWT-DD-120. And this product is brought to you by the market leaders in direct drive who have been at the forefront of gearless turbine design for 10 years producing award-winning technology. And the latest addition to our portfolio brings all new advantages to our customers with the inherent flexibility of OptimaFlex: an entirely new approach to wind power.

OptimaFlex - Solutions as flexible as the wind is variable

OptimaFlex – solutions as flexible as the wind is variable

SWT-DD-120 is part of the OptimaFlex product offering. OptimaFlex represents an entirely fresh approach to wind power – rather than simply offering a product engineered around a fixed set of parameters, OptimaFlex wind power means that our highly skilled team will work with you from the day you start planning your project and then deliver precisely the right turbine for your needs. 


The SWT-DD-120 is flexible enough to adapt to those needs, whatever they might be. Your generator can be finely tuned to deliver the precise power levels your project requires. And we will design towers for your site that are truly optimized for the conditions at your site, not overengineered. 


But it doesn’t stop there – OptimaFlex turbines can be retuned and recalibrated over the course of their lifetime as environmental and business conditions surrounding your site change. So, not only do we give you the ideal turbine on day one, we make sure it stays that way every single day thereafter.


A state of the art rotor delivering up to 23% greater AEP

SWT-DD-120’s rotor, with its 120 m diameter and impressive 11,310 m² swept area delivers an uplift in AEP of up to 23% over previous rotors in its class. This expansion has been made possible by innovations such as aeroelastically tailored blades. Because the blade tips are designed to flex with the wind when placed under excess load rather than resisting it, our blades can convert more of the kinetic energy in the wind at your site into electricity. This makes the SWT-DD-120 perfectly adapted for high wind sites, including typhoon-class conditions.


Blade strength is further enhanced through IntegralBlade® manufacturing. This process is unique in the industry in that it casts a blade in one piece to eliminate weaker areas at glue joints and delivers blades of optimum quality.


The rotor also features the innovative DinoTail® Next Generation serrations attached on the trailing edges of the blades. On the SWT-DD-120 the DinoTail® Next Generation works in conjunction with Vortex generators along the blade’s length for further reduction of acoustic emissions and improved performance. 

Technical specifications at a glance

IEC Class IA / S / T
Nominal power 3.9 - 4.3 MW
Rotor diameter 120 m
Blade length 59 m
Swept area 11,310 m2
Hub height 75 - 155 m, site specific
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