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Product Information

Evolved technology for best results

After more than three decades of practical experience in the onshore wind industry, the SWT-2.625-120 stands as the pinnacle of onshore turbine technology. By incorporating extensive operational data and utilizing advanced design tools together with the experience gained from the SWT-2.5-120 prototype into the design, the robust SWT-2.625-120 delivers increased energy production and improves the cost of energy for medium wind sites all over the world. The 2.625 MW rating and the 120 m rotor diameter give a rotor to generator ratio that extracts more from the available wind. Reliability of the SWT-2.625-120 design is ensured through detailed component and system testing as well as complete turbine testing and certification.

Aerial view of turbines on top of mountain range in Haouma, Morocco

Longer blades and internal refinements for increased capacity factor

When choosing the SWT-2.625-120, you choose the high performer among the Onshore Geared wind turbines. Built on the achievements of its tried and tested predecessors, the SWT-2.625-120 incorporates a variety of innovative technologies that have been scaled and streamlined to deliver an industry-leading capacity factor.


Starting with the blades: the 120-meter rotor with 59-meter aeroelastically tailored blades allows for enhanced energy capture. With a swept area of 11,310 m2 this turbine is designed to help you get the most out of your medium to low wind site. Compared to the B53 blade, the B59’s efficiency allows it to extract more kinetic energy out of the wind along the entire length of the blade. For increased performance, the SWT-2.625-120 blade uses Vortex generators and has optimized cross-sections design. 


Moreover, you can find several highlights in the internal system. For maximum reliability, the efficient cooling system is supported by open-air flow through the robust steel canopy. The tried and tested gearbox comes with a second planetary stage and one helical, for increased capacity in comparison to gearboxes that have only one planetary stage.


With features such as these made with the high capacity factor needs of the market in mind, Siemens’ powerful SWT-2.625-120 is tailored to optimize the output of medium wind sites.

Special features for added benefits

And there are even more ways to get the most out of your turbine. The SWT-2.625-120 operates at 108.5dB in standard setting while the 2.5-120 emits less noise and has higher yield at setting -2dB (105), than the SWT-2.3-108 in standard setting (107 dB) at wind speeds of up to 8.5 m/s. Grid services like Inertia Response or the Weak Grid option enhance grid stability and enable compliance, while environmental agility features, like different weather packages or the bat function, let this turbine adapt to most outdoor conditions.

Technical specifications at a glance

Nominal power 2,625 MW
Rotor diameter
120 m
Blade length 59 m
Swept area 11,310 m²
Hub height 85.1 m
Power regulation Pitch regulated, variable speed
Annual output at 8.5 m/s 13.0 GWh

Technology Innovations

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Enhanced nacelle design

Optimized for high efficiency and easy access

    drag to rotate

    Efficient electric drive yaw motors

    Gearbox with two planetary stages and one helical for increased capacity

    Improved cooling system for higher performance

    Improved cooling system for higher performance

    Fully enclosed asynchronus generator with a simple squirrel cage without slip rings for high efficiency and low maintenance

    Efficient electric drive yaw motors

    Larger hatches for easier access and service of the generator and gearbox

    Additional service space for easier access to main components

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