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Wind energy - the key facts

Learn the essentials

An understanding of the wind industry’s fundamentals, from costs to environment, are necessary to appreciate why it has become the renewable energy source of choice.

United, by nature: Siemens Wind Power and Gamesa

Hamburg & Zamudio, April 03, 2017

United, by nature: Siemens Wind Power and Gamesa


Get the facts

From innovative models for accurate measurement of the costs of electricity, to investigating environmental impact of our wind turbines – gain a greater understanding of the factors necessary to successfully drive the wind power industry.


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The significance of wind power

Wind power is the most cost-effective renewable energy source on the planet. To continue as such this complex field needs to be constantly developed by exploring new technologies.

Interest and investment in wind power has led to the development of efficient and reliable wind turbines, and made for an incredibly attractive industry. The International Energy Association’s World Energy Outlook predicts it to be the leading source of electricity generation in 2040. In 2014 alone, $100 billion was invested in wind energy.


The appeal is obvious – wind releases no pollution, consumes no water, and has no global warming footprint. Wind farm development is an excellent source of local jobs, from construction to maintenance and upkeep, and it contributes steady and significant revenue to economies. In addition, cost-effectiveness is always a consideration – customers want to know that they have participated in a reasonably priced investment that will provide returns for years to come. To determine this, accurate measurement of the cost of electricity is crucial.


But in any business, there are always situations that need careful navigation. Location-associated environmental concerns – such as ensuring that wildlife such as bats, birds, and marine life are protected – also have to be taken into account. At the very core of wind power’s appeal is its contribution to rather than detraction from the wellness of the environment, and this must always be considered. 


All these factors place a great emphasis on creating customer-specific, needs-based solutions together with robust and proven technology to ensure a secure investment – and the future of the industry. The development of just such innovations for customer and environmental relief is what Siemens invests its time in, and working in close cooperation with our customers has led to the creation of industry-leading technology for secure return on investment.


By harnessing wind through our advancements, customers know they are choosing a reliable investment that helps contribute to the advancement of society and a sustainable future. 

Harvesting the wind: learn more about the people who make the technology possible.
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