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Provide drinking water at a sustainable rate

Drinking water treatment

Deliver the highest possible quality

Although the demand varies from region to region, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), adults require an average of 2 liters of drinking water daily; whilst children require 1 liter. But it isn’t just the human body that needs a daily supply of water; water is also necessary for other purposes such as doing laundry, daily hygiene and toilet flushing. Here, too, daily consumption varies widely. In Germany, the average citizen consumes about 130 liters per day, whereas in Italy they consume 260 liters and in Dubai as much as 500 liters. There’s a huge demand not only for a secure supply but also for quality in drinking water. With our hardware, software, and comprehensive services, we help you to design, operate and maintain your plant – for efficient and sustainable drinking water treatment.

Individual consulting and customized solutions
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Clean water through high tech

In many regions of the world, the demand for drinking water cannot be satisfied by groundwater alone. As a result, the treatment of surface water or even sewage to make it drinkable is increasingly important, especially in countries with constant water scarcity or where rivers are heavily polluted. In water treatment plants, Siemens’ intelligent automation systems, drive technology, industrial controls and power distribution ensure smooth operation and treated drinking water on a daily basis.

Drinking water treatment

Efficient energy management in water treatment

Drinking water is primarily obtained by purifying groundwater and surface water. This involves chemical or physical treatment processes and the setting of certain parameters, such as the pH value and ion concentration. The type of treatment depends on the quality of the raw water and is determined by the substances it contains and the substances to be removed. Energy consumption represents one of the biggest cost factors. One of plant designer’s and operator’s main tasks is to identify energy guzzlers in order to optimize your plant. Our intelligent products, solutions and services help you to achieve transparency in terms of energy demand and to significantly reduce your costs.

Control and monitoring

Simple control and monitoring of complex plants

Water treatment plants are often unmanned and are managed remotely from a central control room. The main challenge therefore lies in the maintenance and modernization of PC-based control systems. The virtual control technology, in particular, offers clear advantages: the entire control system server infrastructure is consolidated in a computer center. We facilitate your entry into future-oriented technologies with our lifecycle service that covers everything you need for a virtualization solution – all from a single source.

Short video – Integrated Engineering with COMOS

Shorter commissioning time using integrated plant engineering

Dynamic market requirements, environmental compatibility, and statutory requirements: International competitive pressure in the water industry is growing! This means that plant construction companies must shorten processing times and reduce project costs. With our integrated engineering, we offer plant designers and operators maximum data consistency through an optimized combination of application planning, distributed control system and device configuration – from the planning phase to automation and operation.

Products, solutions and services throughout the entire plant lifecycle

The parallelization and automation of work processes, their simplification and standardization, as well as digitalization and electrification are all important factors for improving the efficiency of your water treatment plant. Competing in the international market requires constant innovative strength and efficiency as well as increased productivity and quality throughout the entire plant lifecycle. With our customized solutions, products and services, we help you achieve integrated plant management.

Planning phase

Efficiency starts with planning

It is vital to already be working as cost-effectively as possible during the planning phase. Most importantly, saving time means saving money. The parallelization of work processes and their simplification and standardization are important factors for increasing efficiency. Innovative software and tools make optimal use of this potential.

Reducing configuration time and effort

Reducing configuration time and effort

Operators of drinking water treatment plants are constantly facing new challenges due to growing time and cost pressures.

The planning and further development of an innovative, high-quality system landscape requires system-specific, easy-to-use planning tools. With ProTime PCS 7, you can convert your individual requirements and existing quantity structure into SIMATIC PCS 7 plant configurations in a format which can then be ordered. This not only enables you to improve the quality of your system design, but also significantly reduces the time required.

Fault-free configuration of automation engineering

Fault-free configuration of automation engineering

Errors in the selection of system components when automating a drinking water processing plant can result in delays and even supply problems at the time of commissioning. Using the TIA Selection Tool, you can ensure error-free configuration without expert knowledge. You not only save time but also money. The TIA Selection Tool is free of charge. The desktop and cloud versions permit cross-team cooperation with maximum flexibility.

Totally Integrated Automation

Planning the automation of a water treatment plant

Uninterrupted operation, high water quality and reduction of plant costs are only some of the challenges of the water industry. Automation plays a decisive role in resolving these issues. Our automation engineering allows you to respond quickly to changes in the supply network. It stands for user-friendliness, high system availability, investment protection, future-proof technology and reduced total cost of ownership.

Planning drive engineering

Planning drive engineering

With perfectly matched components such as enclosure, bearings, active parts, ventilation, and cooling system, we offer you the right motor and converter for every requirement. We thus ensure high plant availability, security of supply with high material quality through innovative processing and low energy consumption.

Planning the electrification of a water treatment plant

Planning the electrification of a water treatment plant

Our comprehensive range of power supply products permits a reliable, secure and efficient power supply with software and hardware products, systems and solutions for all voltage levels of your water treatment plant.

Service & Support

Take advantage of our expertise

Comprehensive technological know-how, proven industry expertise and a global network of service experts are only some of the ways in which we can support you in the planning of your water treatment plant.

Engineering phase

Integrated Engineering: shortening the time from planning to operation

Competing in the international market today requires constant innovative strength and efficiency, faster commissioning and uncompromising water quality from the very start. The solution: Enjoy the benefits of digitalization as early as the engineering phase using our Integrated Engineering concept, based on consistent software tools.