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Reliably monitoring water transport

Drinking water – wherever and whenever it’s needed

Drinking water – wherever and whenever it’s needed

It isn’t unusual for pipelines to extend for hundreds of kilometers. Through desert landscapes and rough terrain, through mountains and valleys, they are essential for transporting water and thus supplying millions of people with potable water. With in-depth process expertise, extensive experience and proven products, systems and solutions, we work with you to develop the best solution for water transport and optimized pipeline operation – to ensure you are perfectly equipped to master the challenges of the global water industry.

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Always well supplied

In some locations, water can be directed to where it will be used by taking advantage of the natural gradient, while others require the use of pumping stations. It is typical for plant units, stations or treatment plants to be separated by long distances, and they are often unmanned as a consequence. The components that are used – from the process control technology to the drive and automation technology, process instrumentation, and power supply – therefore have to be sturdy and reliable, and work perfectly together.

Overview of the entire pipeline

Overview of the entire pipeline

Whether it’s monitoring water pipes, controlling pipeline shutoff valves or recording flow data that helps identify leaks – to ensure efficient water transportation it is essential to have relevant information at all times. Efficient operation and observation of system processes are crucial for ensuring secure pipeline operation and enabling a swift and targeted response in the event of a breakdown. Telecontrol technology is used to comprehensively connect the local stations, such as wells in distant source regions, to the plant-wide automation, regardless of how far they are from each other.

Water transport pipeline

Quickly identify leaks

The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of water transport and distribution systems is crucially dependent on the fast and reliable detection of leaks and on their accurate location. The amount of time before a leak is detected is critical for the prevention of potential damage, such as undermining of buildings or roads. Leaks not only result in a loss of valuable drinking water that has been purified at high cost, but may also lead to substantial economic losses. Just how much action is needed becomes clear when we consider that about one-fourth of the world’s drinking water is lost through leakage. SIWA LeakControl for complex water distribution networks and SIWA Leak for water transport pipelines are modules made available by Siemens for intelligent leak monitoring.

SIMOTICS electric motors

Full energy transparency and optimization

Energy consumption is one of the main cost factors in water transport. Identifying and eliminating big energy consumers are among the main challenges in optimizing your system. Our intelligent products, solutions and services help you gain transparency with regard to your energy needs and to cut costs substantially.

Products, solutions, and services throughout the entire plant lifecycle

The parallelization and automation of work processes, their simplification and standardization, as well as digitalization and electrification are all important factors for improving the efficiency of your plant. Competing in the international market requires constant innovative strength and efficiency as well as increased productivity and quality – throughout the entire plant lifecycle. With our customized solutions, products, and services we help you achieve integrated plant management.

Planning phase

Efficiency throughout the plant lifecycle starts with planning

It is vital to be working as cost-effectively as possible right from the planning phas