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Maintaining control of distributed power producers


Ensuring grid stability is becoming increasingly complex

The vast number of small distributed power producers calls for new strategies to ensure consistent power quality. Identifying, locating, and eliminating disturbances and faults as well as the flexible, quick balancing of power production and load consumption require integrated hardware and software solutions that work smoothly together.

Efficient solutions for distributed power generation systems

Quick and reliable ways to control large numbers of small power producers

The steadily growing share of small power producers in the energy mix affects power quality. Municipalities and grid operators have to react in order to optimize the grids.

Power grids are becoming increasingly complex: The growing number of small distributed power producers also affects the workload grid operators have to master to maintain grid stability. Siemens supports the work of municipalities and DSOs with integrated solutions. Networked devices and high-performance software enable rapid, predictive action to prevent disturbances and faults before they arise.

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Concepts for voltage and capacity management

Siemens offers state-of-the-art and economic solutions to efficiently manage voltage increase and overload situations throughout all voltage levels.

Grids are increasingly affected by varying load and feed-in conditions with significant fluctuations in operating voltage. Operators benefit from Siemens’ intelligent design concept for managing voltage and capacity in power grids – without having to invest in costly grid expansions. 


The solutions utilize various approaches to voltage control, depending on the given structures and conditions on-site and in the field. Customized solutions help to achieve maximum efficiency in the entire medium-voltage grid. They also ensure regional and local voltage and grid stability right down to the low-voltage range.


Benefits for grid operators

  • Minimization of new investments through efficient use of existing structures
  • Improved capacity utilization of medium- and low-voltage grids
  • Optimized use of the voltage range with just a few distributed measuring points
  • Automatic monitoring of grid status for operation and planning

Products and components for smart voltage and capacity management