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Communication networks that ensure that gas is where it's needed

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When machines and systems are operated at a distance from the main control center, efficient remote access solutions help ensure that everything runs properly – our everyday activities included. 


Communication over long distances

Networks for which no distance is too great

Natural gas sometimes has to travel vast distances before it reaches the consumer. It isn’t uncommon for pipelines to be several thousand kilometers long. Monitoring them is no easy task – and would be almost impossible in the absence of a reliable data exchange system.


Redundancy for mission-critical applications

Painstaking monitoring of natural gas pipelines is absolutely essential if transportation is to be guaranteed and any potential leaks identified at an early stage. For this to happen, all sensors installed along the entire route must be connected to a central monitoring system via a powerful communication network that operates reliably at all times – even across great distances and often in difficult climatic and geological conditions.

Considering the stringent demands for security, reliability, and efficiency, redundant communication networks based on Industrial Ethernet are recommended for monitoring mission-critical applications like pipelines. If one point in the network fails, these networks ensure that communication is switched to a different, intact system within milliseconds, with no time delay in the data transfer and with no repercussions for the system itself. In other words, in network structures with a redundant configuration, the system can compensate for the loss of one of the transmission components – and the gas transportation is assured at all times.