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Digital Enterprise in the process industries

Digitalization creates new opportunities to produce more flexibly and satisfy customer-specific requirements individually. Prerequisite: integrated processes across the entire lifecycle.


Process industry success

The regulations, markets, and technologies are changing – as a company in the process industry, you are under high competitive pressure. This necessitates a balancing act between innovation and continuity. On the one hand, you have to design production more flexibly in order to launch products faster and satisfy individual customer requirements. On the other hand, you must comply with regulations and assure process safety and high product quality. And productivity and efficiency must keep rising so costs can keep falling.

Faster engineering. Reliable commissioning.

Regardless of whether you want to enable individual solutions for end customers or reduce maintenance intervals and increase plant availability – digital plants are the key! With our integrated hardware, software, and services program, you will be able to record and intelligently leverage the huge quantity of data that processes generate. A central data platform and high performance network components are the basis of a digital twin that you can use to map and optimize your entire plant lifecycle. The common data platform enables all of the disciplines involved in the project to generate a common data model. This permits most of the processes that are usually carried out in sequence to be executed in parallel, saving valuable time and expenses. At the same time, your engineering quality will increase. The plant’s digital twin is the result. Digital twins also allow plants to be simulated before the critical commissioning phase, ensuring reliable implementation. It is also possible to generate digital twins for existing plants, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits. For example, they make carrying out training or modernization measures faster and more efficient.

The transition from Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations is an important step on the way to Industrie 4.0 for our customers in the process industries. We provide integrated solutions across the entire plant lifecycle and are the first to offer a common data model.

Jürgen Brandes, CEO of the Process Industries and Drives Division

Faster maintenance. Sustainable savings

We call the continuation of Integrated Engineering in the operation phase "Integrated Operations". This is another area in which you can reap the benefits of digital twins. The key prerequisites are the systematic recording of process data and integrating the data from the various levels – from the field level to the management level. In order to increase the availability and reliability of a process plant, for example, the mechanical assets must be monitored since they are the main cause of unplanned downtime. Simple communication between the control system and the maintenance tool plus access to all plant data via the digital twin accelerates maintenance and repair measures. Optimized plant availability is the result.


Continuously updated

Thanks to the bidirectional interface, the control system transmits changes from the field caused by maintenance or a change in the plant back to the central data model – the digital twin. In the process, all the documents and plans involved are updated. The latest plant documentation is available at all times!

Industrie 4.0

Dare to become a digital enterprise

Digitalization is the most effective lever for improving your ability to compete in the process industry. It allows you to make decisions of unprecedented quality: fast, well founded, and based on the facts. You will discover new opportunities for systematic plant optimization across the entire lifecycle.

Digitalization Consulting

Digitalization changes everything – time for new impulses!

Opportunities of the digital revolution for the process industries


Everyone is talking about digitalization. No company in the world, regardless of size, can afford to ignore this trend. Everyone generally understands what is meant by digitalization. But how can the potential be leveraged for one’s own organization? And why now?

For you as a customer in the process industry, we have created “Digitalization consulting” to support you on the journey into the digital world of Industrie 4.0 (the journey to the Digital Enterprise).

On this page, we will show you how we can work with you to shape the future of the process industry – across the various branches -- though digital transformation and integrated processes. Okay, let’s get started!

Today, based on the increasing global competitive pressures, it’s more important than ever to optimize production plants and equipment. After all, only through technological innovations that increase efficiency, flexibility, quality, and time-to-market is it possible to stand up to new business models. 


How do we accomplish this?

1. Digitalization must be embodied and managed at the CXO level. As Siemens, we want to understand your challenges and your goals at the outset.

2. We then put together a consulting team that is tailored to your company, designed to meet your individual needs.

3. The next step is to apply our consulting process:

  • Kick-off workshop: We listen to your needs. What are your challenges? What is your business goal?
  • Horizontal integration: Building on this, we analyze the processes within your company.
  • Vertical integration: We evaluate the IT infrastructure of your production plants along with the degree of automation.  


What is the goal?

Based on the information from the workshop, along with the horizontal and vertical integration, we create a “digitalization roadmap.” This includes your digitalization opportunities as well as an investment calculation. At the end of the roadmap, you have a company that functions digitally, which you can implement with us, with our partners, or on your own.

We have a solutions portfolio that comprises four key elements: software, communication, security, and services


Companies on the way to becoming digital enterprises

See for yourself how successfully companies in the process industries benefit from our integrated hardware, software, and services program.