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SCADA Lounge 2017


Visit us in the SCADA Lounge

Digitalization is changing our world – and the world of industry – in tangible ways. It is the glue to a more flexible, more individual and more efficient production. In this context, our SCADA Systems WinCC Professional (in TIA Portal), WinCC V7 and WinCC Open Architecture are playing a crucial role. Together with certified partners we demonstrate how production transparency using SCADA leads to increase production efficiency and that cloud-based analytics offers additional chances regarding decision-making and optimization.


We are located in NCC Mitte area of the Convention Center, in room Brussels 2 on the 1st floor. There will be hostesses on hand to guide you from Siemens booth in Hall 11 to the SCADA Lounge.


We look forward to your visit!

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Digitalization as key to increase productivity

Mobility and connectivity are the trends of our digital world.
Networked applications and the constant need for information are closely coupled with the security guidelines in the IT environment of industrial plants. SIMATIC SCADA systems and SIMATIC IPCs are not only used in traditional control rooms, but also provide flexible remote access in combination with state-of-the-art safety concepts.

Combining them with cross-system or even cloud-based analyses provides additional leverage for further increasing productivity.

SIMATIC WinCC Professional V15

Efficiency and transparency for your plant

SIMATIC WinCC Professional V15

SIMATIC WinCC Professional is the SCADA system in the TIA Portal for visualizing and operating machines and plants in all industries. It is primarily used for simple SCADA solutions as single-user and multi-user system for large-scale machinery and in smaller plants. The new version of the Totally Integrated Automation Portal enables full access to the entire spectrum of digitalized automation, including digital planning, integrated engineering and transparent operation.

SIMATIC WinCC Professional Partner

You can find information about the exhibited partner solutions here. To make an appointment, please contact your respective contact partner.



Siemens logo

WinCC CoC Mannheim (Siemens AG)

Contact person: Mr. Jürgen Burath


SIMATIC WinCC Premium Add-ons
The SIMATIC WinCC Premium Add-ons of the WinCC Competence Center in Mannheim expand the powerful SCADA range of Siemens.


  • PM-QUALITY for batch-based archiving and logging,
  • PM-CONTROL for managing manufacturing regulations and for order control,
  • PM ANALYZE for analyzing messages,
  • and PM MAINT for performance-controlled maintenance planning,

tried and tested software packages are available for a wide variety of project requirements.


Fast innovation cycles, complex automation requirements and high quality requirements are the challenges faced by mechanical and plant engineering both now and in the future. Flexible, powerful and yet easy-to-handle software solutions are critical for success. The use of WinCC Premium Add-ons takes you a decisive step forward toward processing your automation tasks at lower costs and with less risk.



Siemens logo

SIMATIC energy management software

Contact person: Mr. Steffen Händler


An energy management solution integrated in the automation

High energy consumption and automated production are typical for many industries. If you want to keep your energy costs under control the long term and you are already focusing on the digital future, you will equip your plant with integrated energy measuring technology, thus anchoring your energy management in the automation of your production processes – which is where most energy is consumed.


SIMATIC Energy Suite as an integrated option for the TIA Portal efficiently links energy management with automation, thus creating energy transparency in the production system. The considerably simplified configuration of energy measuring components from the SIMATIC, SENTRON, SINAMICS, SIRIUS und SIMOCODE product families significantly reduces configuration costs.


Thanks to the end-to-end connection to SIMATIC Energy Manager Pro or to the cloud-based Service Energy Analytics, you can seamlessly expand the recorded energy data to create a cross-site energy management system.


Companies therefore can additionally satisfy all required economic and energy management aspects – from the purchasing of energy and planning, right up to energy controlling.


Maximum plant transparency and productivity


The quality requirements are increasing, manufacturing processes are becoming more and more complex – and at the same time the greatest possible productivity is to be achieved. To be able to meet these increasing requirements, prompt and targeted decisions for optimizing production across all levels of the operations and sites are required, with the goal of minimizing costs, preventing waste, and better utilizing production systems.

SIMATIC WinCC V7 Partner

Certified WinCC Specialists present current solutions with the SCADA system SIMATIC WinCC V7.





person: Mr. Ali Rıza İçöz

Online statistical process control

The SIMATIC WinCC SCADA systems and SIMATIC industry automation systems are the basis for the online statistical process control system. All of the process parameters can be displayed, tracked, recorded and reports can be created using this system.


The system encompasses control cards for the statistical process control (e.g. Cp, Cpk, X-MR, X-R, X-S).  The customer can create these reports for all process parameter variables. The system also encompasses threshold values for Cp values, which can be set by the customer. Thus, the system can detect an incorrect process and call the operator's attention to it using acoustic and light signals.


The system is equipped with more than 150 process sensors and is controlled by more than 30 different PLCs, which process more than 2,000 process parameters. All of these process parameter values are automatically read and written into the long-term archive system.


This project contains more than 20 electronic scales, which the SCADA system is connected to. In this way, the amount of waste or follow-up work is automatically recorded and operating errors can be avoided.


The project works with server virtualization; 3 physical and 5 virtual servers are installed.



planemos GmbH

planemos GmbH

Contact person: Thomas Bux

Production optimization by means of standardization up to MES

planemos process control technology points the way between MES and the production of curd cheese.


Long-term increases of productivity and quality assurance are the strategic goals of the Naabtaler Milchwerke GmbH & Co. KG, Bechtel privately-owned dairy in Schwarzenfeld, Germany. With the planemos process control technology on the basis of WinCC, the technological sequences are implemented to be highly available and material movements are shown from incoming goods all the way to the production of Skyr in the MES. The bi-directional interface concept used for this establishes communication between the process level, the quality control level, and the strategic planning level. With the planemos software class concept, its integrated process control functions, and thanks to the use of WinCC options and add-ons, batch-oriented recipe control, product trace back, logging and archiving are guaranteed.

SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture V3.15

Flexibility and openness for your plant

SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture V3.15

Modern plants are subject to continuous changes and new requirements. SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture is adaptable and grows with the necessary expansions, without reaching any limits. The SCADA system is flexibly scalable - from the field level all the way up to the control station, from the machine all the way to the corporate headquarters. In every situation, a high level of availability, reliable information, fast interaction and user friendliness are guaranteed.

Further innovations in SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture V3.15


At other dialog stations, certified WinCC OA partners present current solutions with the SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture SCADA system.



Innovis Solutions KG

Innovis Solutions KG



Interruption-free migration of a FactoryLink system
At Daimler Möhringen, the FactoryLink V8.0 system that was discontinued by Support had to be replaced by a WinCC OA system without any interruptions. To prevent errors and faults, all of the parameterization data of the existing system was automatically imported without manual post-processing.


To that end an Access application, which transfers the parameterization data of the FL system from the Access database to the new MS SQL database, which has to be implemented, was written. At the same time a database import-export application was developed in WinCC OA, which transfers the parameterization data from SQL to the newly set-up WinCC OA data model. In parallel to this work, the new expert interface of the system came about, so that with the integration of the data model the application was able to import the tasks from the new central station. The connection to the unit took place in the initial phase via OPC to the FactoryLink system. This ensured that at the start all of the data was available in both the FL system and in the WinCC OA system. This process also allowed a thorough test phase.


The data model in WinCC OA has been so skillfully modeled that it is possible, by means of a simple entry in the interface, to switch over the communication of a PLC from OPC to Modbus without having to make other interventions in the system.


After successful trial operation, the step-by-step switchover of the A500 stations took place directly to the WinCC OA system. The preparatory work paid off and the connection of the stations only had to be swung individually from FactoryLink to the WinCC OA system and switched-over in the central station to Modbus communication.


Thanks to the migration the system is now once again state-of-the-art and since then the application has been successfully expanded by modern communication protocols and application tools, such as the use of an Emax module.



SMS Automation business group

SMS Automation business group



Reporting and data analysis of hydropower plants

A powerful report template designer was created based on the WinCC OA platform. The system now provides more than 150 different reports for hydropower plants, covering production, manufacturing, performance and maintenance.


Each report template has parameters, a visual template, rules for automated reporting (e.g. chronological or after events), access authorizations, and a change history.


The parameters can regularly be consolidated into reports using WinCC OA data points, manual data entry, and data from external systems. Currently, there are the following interfaces such as OPC, XML, Oracle, MS SQL, MongoDb and Excel available to integrate data from third-party systems into the report system.


For complex parameters, any user algorithms can be implemented with C #-based scripts.


The template designer uses a web interface to create forms with tables, diagrams and texts in just a few actions.


After creation, reports can be automatically sent via e-mail or downloaded as Excel or PDF files in the released directory.


This WinCC OA expansion provides each employee of the hydropower plant with modern real-time reporting which is available for both the PC and for mobile devices.


The automatic monitoring of operating states allows quick intervention, prevents idle times, and reduces the number of starts and stops in the various plants.

SIMATIC Process Historian & Information Server

Efficient archiving and reports

SIMATIC Process Historian & Information Server

Increasing data volumes are accumulating daily in modern production environments – a major challenge and, at the same time, an enormous opportunity.