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Five days focusing on the Digital Enterprise

Discover the value of the Digital Enterprise

At Hannover Messe 2017 we demonstrated a tangible portfolio of soft- and hardware that enables companies of all sizes to benefit from digitalization. We call this offering Digital Enterprise.


It connects the virtual and real production worlds through machine and plant simulations, digital twins, and data analytics. These solutions are specifically geared toward the varying requirements of discrete and process industries. The seamless interoperability of automation hardware and software enables companies to not only collect and process the data of machines and plants, but to turn data into competitive advantages.


The motto “Discover the value of the Digital Enterprise” stands for the exciting new technologies that provide the opportunities to reduce time-to-market, improve flexibility, and increase efficiency as well as quality. It enables companies to individualize products in ways previously considered impossible.


Thank you for visiting us at Hannover Messe 2017!

Trade fair impressions

Every year, Hannover Messe attracts numerous interested visitors from around the world, and 2017 was no exception. Already on the first day of the fair, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Polish Prime Minister Beata Maria Szydło learned first-hand about current industry trends and developments. Of course they also visited the Siemens booth as part of their tour. Our MindSphere Lounge on the first floor was a real highlight for many of those who visited our stand, and offered an interesting speaker program each day. 

Highlight Showcases

Where the virtual and the real world meet

We presented tangible solutions and use cases that demonstrated how companies can benefit from the convergence of the real and virtual worlds.


Digital Enterprise – The digital twin becomes tangible

Digitalization became tangible in the truest sense of the word at a multimedia table in the center of our booth – in line with the motto “Discover the value of the Digital Enterprise.” The seamless integration of automation hardware and software not only allows companies to collect and process the data from machines and plants. They can also use that data to gain a true competitive edge and map the actual production world as a digital twin. Furthermore, this approach does not require huge investments at the outset because digitalization can be introduced to any systems and equipment and then gradually expanded as required. That’s why our solutions are specifically tailored to the differing needs of the manufacturing and the process industry.

Pharma – Digitalization for greater speed and personalization

An increasing global population and rising requirements from patients and health authorities are making it more and more difficult for pharmaceutical companies to achieve continuous growth. In addition, personalized medicine for patients are playing an increasingly important role, as they are tolerated better due to differences in patients’ metabolisms and cause fewer side-effects. Pharmaceutical companies can target this market in order to remain ahead of the competition, but this means reducing time-to-market while complying with complex quality and patient safety regulations. In the Highlight Cube Pharma, we demonstrated how Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations increases process efficiency and flexibility. By analyzing hardware and software products, we’re helping the pharmaceutical industry increase their process knowledge.

Food & Beverage – Customized products ready for mass production

High cost-sensitivity and mass production as well as a growing variety of flavors and innovative packaging are trends we see today in the dairy industry. At first glance, digitalization may not seem to play much of a role in the food and beverage industry – but this may be deceptive. At our booth, we used the example of the dairy sector to demonstrate that both process and discrete workflows in the food and beverage industry can benefit from digitalization. Our showcase for the food and beverage industry enabled visitors to experience the practical application of digital tools in seamless interaction with our automation hardware.

Energy for Industry – Turning energy into a business model

Electrical energy is the indispensable foundation for successfully transitioning to Industrie 4.0. To optimize their production, companies need a reliable and efficient power supply of best quality at the lowest possible cost. In many cases, producing electricity in-house is the most attractive option for compensating demand peaks and fluctuating energy prices. Smart energy management is also becoming more and more important. Our motto, “Discover the value of the digital enterprise,” is uniquely applicable to industrial power supplies. Digitalization is what makes it possible to tap the full potential of energy management, in-house generation, and the new potential of the energy market.


Additive Manufacturing – Creating individual products more easily and effectively

The manufacturing industry is facing a variety of challenges. It needs to reduce time-to-market for products, accommodate increasingly individual customer requirements, and offer favorable prices while maintaining the same or even a higher level of quality. The fast-growing digitalization revolution offers new options for meeting these requirements – and additive manufacturing is making an important contribution. Often described as 3D printing, this technology allows industry to save time while flexibly and efficiently producing workpieces and products that would be impossible using conventional production processes.

Dive into the benefits of data with MindSphere

The key to fully exploiting the potential of digitalization lies in the data. By collecting, processing, and utilizing the data of machines and plants in a secure environment it is possible to continuously optimize production processes and assets. The cloud-based, open IoT operating system MindSphere enables companies to turn data into knowledge, and knowledge into measured business success.

In the MindSphere Lounge at Hannover Messe, together with our partner companies, we presented our ideas as well as practical examples and applications. Expert presentations invited visitors to enter an open exchange about topics like digitalization, Industrie 4.0, and IoT.

Overview Siemens exhibition presence

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