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Our exhibitions and showrooms

Conceiving of and producing exhibits on historical and current topics, thereby positioning Siemens as a thought leader – that is the final area of our work.

Siemens appears in historical and current-events exhibitions, showrooms and experiential environments all over the world. We support the company’s communications activities by either developing exhibitions on our own initiative or cooperating with others in conceiving and producing similar projects.


To name just a few examples, we tend the showroom at the new Siemens corporate headquarters in Munich as well as the exhibition in the Siemens Center Shanghai. We also provided effective support in setting up the MedMuseum in Erlangen. The Siemens Historical Institute also furnishes historical items for exhibitions on the history of technology and culture. This enables us to make Siemens a presence anywhere museums or exhibitions address the history and development of electrical engineering and electronics. We have a long tradition in such work: the exhibit at Siemens headquarters in Munich looks back on a history of 100 years, making it the oldest company museum in Germany.

Our exhibition projects

Our projects

In an era of continuous change, several features are critical for preserving customer loyalty: Innovative strength, an international perspective, a focus on quality and the customer, withstanding crises, the ability to change, as well as a sense of responsibility. We also highlight these features in our exhibitions.

Showroom at the new Siemens corporate headquarters

“Siemens – Ingenuity for life” – The exhibition’s title reflects both its content and its character. This presentation of the company offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the entire world of Siemens – from the company’s founding to its Vision 2020 and from its first product, the pointer telegraph, to Industrie 4.0.

Corporate Window – Siemens close up

At the entry to the showroom, there’s a “Corporate Window” – an interactive touchscreen where up to four visitors at a time can find out about the most important topics in the world of Siemens. The visitors can switch among such topic areas as “Personalities”, “Innovation”, “Global Player” and “Responsibility”, to explore texts, historical pictures and videos at more depth.

Corporate Stations in History – Milestones in technology

Here’s where visitors can dive into the world of electrical engineering and electronics. The starting point is company founder Werner von Siemens; it is his ideas that have defined the history of innovation at Siemens right down to today. “Corporate Stations in History” trace that story in texts, pictures, videos and exhibits and highlight how Siemens already laid down milestones in the past for our technical civilization.

Corporate Frames – Visions become reality

“Corporate Frames” point the way to the future: Three large installations document the changes in sustainable energy, the future of manufacturing and intelligent infrastructure that are being defined by digitalization. An imposing screen wall presents visitors with a video game, including the challenges of energy supply. A kinetic presentation shows the various phases of the digital production of the future. And a “digital magnifying glass” gives visitors a glimpse behind the scenes of a Smart City.

Our history Special

The company founder's workshop – experience history first-hand

The Siemens Historical Institute commissioned a reconstruction of the workshop of Werner von Siemens, which can be seen in the entrance area of the new Munich headquarters. The first production facility was located in Berlin in a rear building at Schöneberger Strasse 19 in the present district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. 

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    Exhibit loans and specialist consulting

    Would you like to borrow exhibit items about the history of Siemens for your own exhibition or do you have questions concerning our exhibitions? Please contact us directly.


    We have an extensive collection of historic products and devices as well as models, thereby preserving the company’s technological legacy from 170 years of innovative activity. We will be glad to provide these artifacts from the company’s history on request for trade shows, exhibitions and museums.

    Our history of exhibitions

    History of the museums

    Our exhibitions have a long tradition. The first company presentation opened at the administration building in Berlin a good 100 years ago. Siemens has repeatedly spotlighted its own history ever since.

    Origins in Berlin

    To commemorate the 100th birthday of Werner von Siemens, the employees of the Siemens Archive organized a “Memorial Exhibition.” The show, which opened in December 1916 in the Berlin administrative building, displayed the “treasures” of both corporate and family history.

    The move to Munich

    After the Second World War, the Siemens Museum found a new home in downtown Munich in 1954. The exhibition was used primarily for marketing and internal communication purposes. The themes and content focused on the interests of industry professionals, for whom special collections called “study rooms” were developed.

    The Werner von Siemens Institute researches the history of Siemens

    Content took on a new focus in commemoration of the company founder’s 150th birthday in 1966. The aim of encouraging an understanding of electrical engineering was symbolically expressed by renaming the institute the Werner von Siemens Institute for the History of Siemens.

    Siemens-Museum opened

    The exhibition underwent yet another redesign in the early 1980s: A new museum concept turned its back on the idea of a scientifically oriented “institute,” giving more space to education and seeking out a mass audience. This reorientation was also expressed by reviving the name “Siemens Museum.”

    The Siemens Museum becomes the SiemensForum

    In 1993, the Siemens Museum was renamed SiemensForum. The new name better expressed the emphasis on dialog. At the same time, the program of events focused on social themes.

    SiemensForum moves into new premises

    In 1999, the SiemensForum moved into the new offices designed by archi