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New perspectives on our history

We make sure that Siemens’ history stays alive and vivid within the economic, political, social and technological setting of each era.

Siemens has a long, successful history that serves as the focus for the Siemens Historical Institute’s publications and projects. Topics are as diverse as Siemens’ history itself. They include biographies, presentations of specific questions of corporate and technological history, general discussions and complete chronicles of operations in particular countries. Depending on the topic and audience, the results of research appear in books, articles or lectures as well as digital products. We conceive and produce projects with outside scholars, archives and museums, creative agencies, authors and journalists to suit each topic, medium and audience. 

Our projects

The results of our cooperation with outside partners appear in many multimedia projects. Find out here what’s currently on offer, as well as about upcoming research projects.

Siemens after 170 Years of History

Playing an active role in shaping the future has always been a major goal of every head of the company, from Werner von Siemens to Joe Kaeser. That ambition has turned the 10-man operation at Schöneberger Strasse 19 in Berlin into a great international corporation. How does Siemens differ from so many other companies? The answer: Siemens has always been innovative, customer-oriented, quality-driven, international, responsible, able to withstand crises, and able to change. These traits have kept it strong and unique, in good times and bad. Join us on an exciting journey through our company's history. Experience what has made Siemens the world-class company it is today.

Werner von Siemens biography by Johannes Bähr

Werner von Siemens was one of the pioneers of the modern era. With his brothers William and Carl, he laid the foundations for today’s Siemens AG. A new biography appeared on the occasion of his 200th birthday.

Autobiography of the company’s founder available for the first time as an iPad app

The Siemens Historical Institute has published the company founder’s autobiography as an iPad app, where eight stories bring Werner von Siemens’ adventures to life. If you want to know more, you can read his entertainingly written “Recollections” directly on your iPad.

Biography William Siemens (in preparation)

The portrayal of the founding generation of Siemens will be completed with a biography of Sir William Siemens. He not only brought the founding generation of Siemens as a global corporation to a historical close, but significantly added to and expanded its substance. Alongside the manager Carl, who advanced the company’s internationalization, and Werner, the inventor, company founder and head of the family, William served as a researcher and scientist and rounded out the overall picture of Siemens as a company in the 19th century.

Biography of Carl Friedrich von Siemens (in preparation)

With Carl Friedrich von Siemens’ biography, we focus on some of the most eventful, difficult phases of Siemens’ company history: The entry into the 20th century, World War I, the Weimar Republic, the era of National Socialism and World War II. At the same time, we illuminate one of the most versatile management personalities in the company’s history and his numerous involvements in business, politics and society.

As diverse as the history of Siemens

Our products range from biographies to specific topics of corporate and technological history and from exhaustive studies to complete country chronicles. The end result of our research – depending on the topic and target audience – takes the form of presentations, books, essays and digital or audiovisual media. 

Who to contact

Questions or comments? Please contact us, or use the links and downloads for further information.

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