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Milestones of business development



First Siemens activities in today’s Bulgaria: The British Company Newall & Co. constructs a telegraph line from Varna to Balaclava near Sevastopol for which Siemens & Halske (S&H) delivers the telegraph devices



S&H erects a telephone exchange for 1,000 subscribers in Sofia, Bulgaria



Österreichische Siemens Schuckert Werke (ÖSSW) sets up a lighting system for the Royal Military Academy in Sofia


1904–1908 and 1926–1929

ÖSSW sets up a power plant, lighting system and power transmission for the State Mine at Pernik



Siemens-Schuckertwerke (SSW) installs a stage lighting system for the Royal Bulgarian Theatre in Sofia


before 1914

Founding of Siemens-Schuckertwerke, Abteilung für Bulgarien in Sofia as a branch office of ÖSSW



Founding of Bulgarische Elektrizitäts Aktiengesellschaft (BEAG), Siemens as a subsidiary of ÖSSW, headquartered in Sofia



S&H erects private branch exchanges for the Royal Castle Sofia, the Wranja Castle and the castle of Princess Eudoxia of Bulgaria


Dipl.-Ing. Ilia Popoff becomes S&H’s agent in Bulgaria



The Siemens factories in Bulgaria are confiscated by the Soviet government



S&H Wien concludes a contract of agency with V. Topaloff, Sofia



V. Topaloff, Sofia, also functions as agent for the Siemens parent companies in Berlin



S&H and the state-run trade company TECHNOIMPORT, Sofia, sign license contract and experience agreement for television and broadcasting technology



A license and export contract is signed with ELEKTROIMPEX, Sofia. Siemens provides equipment for the expansion of the nation-wide telephone network with 300,000 line units



Siemens opens an office in state-run trading company in Sofia



Siemens concludes a contract of agency with RUEN, Sofia



Cooperation agreement is signed between Siemens and the Bulgarian Committee for Science and Technical Progress



A contract is signed with the Bulgarian company TECHNO-KOMPLEKT for the supply of communication measuring devices for the gas pipeline project USSR – Bulgaria



Order for three SF6 insulated 110-kV power networks



The first four ESK long-distance telephone systems start service between Bulgarian cities Sofia, Varna, Zagora und Plovdiv



The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Siemens sign a general scientific, technical and economic cooperation agreement about telecommunications, medical and automation technology



Siemens expands the Bulgarian national telephone network



Siemens wins the bid from Telekom Sofia to extend seven telephone exchanges using ESK technology


The Siemens office opened in 1970 is changed into a wholly-owned subsidiary



Siemens is selected to be one of the main suppliers for the World Bank-financed modernization of the Bulgarian communication network. As a basis, Digicom is founded as a joint venture with the Bulgarian Incoms company



Siemens EOOD is founded in Sofia as a subsidiary company



Siemens wins the contract to build a combined cycle district heating power plant for EVN in Plovdiv, Bulgaria



Siemens upgrades the country’s largest water treatment plant, Bistritsa, which delivers drinking water for approximately 1.5 million citizens in Sofia, through fully automated monitoring and control