SIGUARD®PSA – protection system screening and analysis


Ensure reliable protection operation, maximize system security, and prevent cascading blackouts

Protection systems are crucial for system security to minimize the impact faults have on power systems. Continuously evolving power systems and quickly changing operating conditions make it a complex task to calculate, verify, and validate protection settings. With SIGUARD®PSA, perform automated rigorous protection security assessments while considering all relevant network, operating, and fault conditions required to review the adequacy of protection settings.

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SIGUARD®PSA software

Protection assessment for any power system

SIGUARD®PSA is used by protection engineers and operators to automatically simulate, assess, and improve selectivity, sensitivity, and speed of the protection system performance for different network and operation conditions. 

SIGUARD®PSA at a glance

SIGUARD®PSA at a glance
SIGUARD®PSA offers a wide range of protection assessment capabilities and clear advantages for any power system.

A comprehensive solution that supports your entire workflow

Capabilities of SIGUARD®PSA

  • Network and protection data management (including data collection and update)
  • Network and protection simulation
  • Protection security assessment, such as the detection of non-selectivity, hidden, and  critical faults
  • Analyze the selectivity, sensitivity, and speed of the entire protection system for various fault scenarios at various planned/online operation scenarios and at various planned / online switching scenarios
  • Online results for visualization, aggregation and documentation, e.g. for protection experts or system operators
  • Protection-setting improvement and verification
  • Scalability and customization to specific needs

SIGUARD PSA enables protection engineers and operators to perform fast protection security assessments for reliable protection-setting determination, secure system operation, and cascade tripping prevention.

Improve efficiency, drive performance, and ensure grid protection

Visualize the protection system's "fingerprint"

Benefits of using SIGUARD®PSA

  • ­Relief from time-consuming simulation tasks
  • ­Significant time and cost savings through a systematic and reliable implementation of comprehensive protection performance assessment
  • ­Prevention of avoidable supply interruptions
  • ­Improvement of the protection system performance
  • ­Adaptive settings can help to increase the network utilization
  • Consistent application of plausibility checks ensures highest achievable standards of data quality
  • ­Data import from other IT systems leads to synergies by using existing data resources
  • ­Power system model can also be used for other power system studies such as distributed generation grid code compliance, harmonics, etc.
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