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PSS®SINCAL – simulation software for analysis and planning of all network types

PSS®SINCAL – your simulation software for analysis and planning of all network types
PSS®SINCAL is used in over
0 countries

by transmission and distribution planning engineers, protection engineers, consultants, power plant and industrial network operators, operations planning engineers, IT professionals, researchers, and more.


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PSS®SINCAL software

Independently or simultaneously analyze the impacts of low, medium, and high-voltage networks

Through its modular design, PSS®SINCAL is highly flexible and customizable. It offers a wide variety of analysis functions for the planning, design and operation of power systems, allowing you to simulate and study: power quality, frequency stability, distributed generation interconnection, protection coordination, restoration of supply, economic driven design decisions, and more.

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Key features and highlights at a glance

Low-voltage geographic power system with iso-area for voltages

The platform

  • Interactive visualization of network models in schematic, geographic or multi-layer diagrams
  • Extensive data modeling of all types of equipment including smart grid data models
  • Open architecture for easy data exchange and IT integration including: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), SCADA, Distribution Management Systems (DMS), and Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS)
  • Advanced algorithms with multiple modules i.e. Power Flow and Fault Analysis, Contingency Analysis/Probabilistic Reliability, Network Optimization, Transient Stability, EMT and Eigenvalues, Harmonics and Flicker evaluation, Protection simulation & coordination, Grid Code Compliance

Graphical user interface

  • Geographical visualization capability that reflects the interactiveness of a GIS application
  • Interactive web-based overlay of online and offline background maps
  • Integrated network editor and report generator (List & Label) to simplify the presentation of data / analysis
  • Network models can be maintained in multi-dimensional view (schematic, geographic) for different tasks with comparison options

Network model

  • From a simple bus-branch to a full substation model – PSS®SINCAL can run various co-simulations off of a single network model
  • Network modeling can be done within a simple balanced and unbalanced system up to a fully transposed system
  • Large network model can be simulated with timestamps, variants, and can be split into separate models via the “include network” option

Simulation engine

  • High-level algorithms that are optimized for precision and performance
  • Due to the complexity of large data processing, the program works with high-speed, accuracy along with parallel processing
  • Big data is analyzed and processed (i.e., parallel processing) with high-speed, accuracy, and precision
  • Fully integrated modular structure allows users to customize their license according to their needs

Project management

  • Model management is based on standard databases (i.e., Microsoft® Access®, ORACLE® or SQL Server)
  • Users can perform and track various analysis by working off a single master database
  • Changes can be tracked and users can reference the initial case
  • Distributed databases can be temporarily linked together and reconfigured via “include networks”

PSS®SINCAL modules

Customize your platform

PSS®SINCAL offers a variety of modules for the design, modeling, and analysis of electrical and pipe networks. Enhance your platform further with model and workflow management modules for all network types.

Learn more about the electricity, pipe network, and model and workflow management modules:
Discover PSS®SINCAL modules

PSS®SINCAL releases

What’s new in PSS®SINCAL?