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PSS®MOD – project modeling and data management for PSS®E


A better way for PSS®E users to manage and exchange model data across multiple time horizons and stakeholders

By revolutionizing the traditional approach to maintaining transmission network models, PSS®MOD's secure, web-based application and central data repository allow multiple users to submit, view, validate and audit planning model data including time-bound network changes organized as multiphase projects.

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PSS®MOD software

Submit, review, validate, and exchange data with ease

PSS®MOD is used by Independent System Operators (ISOs), Regional Transmission Operators (RTOs), Planning Authorities with remote members, and transmission companies with local users. PSS®MOD allows you to coordinate the submission of network model data from local and/or remote users and provides access to complete study cases “on demand” for any point in time.

PSS®MOD standard features

  • ­Organize and reorganize study cases without the need to generate a multitude of PSS®E "base cases”
  • ­Storage of a single master network model
  • Accommodation of seasonal and annual profile data sets
  • ­Treat projects as sets of data changes that are applied serially in any order specified by the user
  • Export of a PSS®E file considering equipment commission/decommission dates and out-of-service and in-service dates
  • Provision of an unlimited number of ratings to be applied as Rate A, B and C in an exported PSS®E case

Enhance your PSS®MOD base package with optional add-on modules

Short Circuit Data Manager

PSS®MOD gives you the ability to manage PSS®E Short Circuit Data (i.e. SEQ Files). Sequence Files can be imported into PSS®MOD Administrator and associated with the base case (via the bus number) or a specific project. PSS®MOD takes care to construct and export the correct Sequence File associated with the exported PSS®E case during the Case Build function.

Dynamics Data Manager

A value-added module used to import PSS®E Dynamics data (DYR) files associated with existing PSS®MOD projects, gives you the ability to submit, view and build PSS®E Dynamics case.

Streamline model management processes and increase productivity


Benefits of using PSS®MOD

Without the proper tools, the process of model exchange, assembly, and validation is very complex, error prone, and labor intensive. Homegrown solutions are a burden to maintain, and run the risk of becoming obsolete or unsupported. PSS®MOD provides the basis for transmission planning entities and planning engineers to automate and facilitate model management, benefits include:

  • Reduction of data maintenance costs, modeling errors, and inconsistencies
  • Increased productivity by minimizing time spent on model maintenance, building cases, and performing studies 
  • Elimination of duplicate data management efforts
  • ­Application lifecycle cost savings derived by migrating from a custom internal application to a fully supported, industry standard product maintained by a major vendor – also hedging against an aging workforce
  • North America: supports NERC-MOD-32 compliance

PSS®MOD releases

What’s new in PSS®MOD?

Learn more about PSS®MOD 10.1:
Download the release notes

Downloads and support

Learn more about PSS®MOD

Would you like to know more about our project modeling and data management software for PSS®E? Here you will find all the latest information on PSS®MOD including brochures, webinars, support links, and more.

PSS®MOD in action

Learn how customers are benefiting from our PSS®MOD solution.

New software delivers transformative efficiencies to seasonal modeling processes, improving internal model building processes

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Looking for a trusted solution to help you improve processes for transmission network model data submission, review, validation and exchange? Contact us to learn how PSS®MOD can help you address your transmission model management challenges.

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