S Series: SR Engines

Robust and reliable, the rich burn, electronically carbureted SR Series gas engines offer great performance for power generation and cogeneration applications. Outputs range from 180 to 870 kWb at 60 Hz and this series may be fueled natural gas and well gas with superb fuel flexibility.


This ecofriendly engine series meets the latest U.S. emissions standards and has great flexibility for load acceptance too.


Turbocharged and with single or double stage charge-air cooling, the SR Series features a double circuit cooling system in which different auxiliary cooling circuit temperatures are achievable.


With a wet exhaust manifold, the SR Series machines are supplied as a stand-alone engine, as a genset or as a fully containerized unit 


Control Monitoring


FastStart-Up & Rapid Response Engines

Energy models have changed in recent years, requiring greater flexibility and faster responses. Energy models have changed in recent years, requiring greater flexibility and faster responses.


Fuel Flexibility

They can be powered by natural gas, biogas, gas from landfills or sewage treatment plants, synthesis gas, well gas, and a wide selection of other

gases to address solutions for a variety of sectors.


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