Siemens GCS-E control unit, used in H and E high performance series engines, is now also implemented in the S series engines.

GCS-E comprises the complete engine control:

  • Carburation system
  • Ignition system
  • Safety and protection
  • Knocking detection units
  • Engine speed and load control


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How it works?

Advantages of GCS-E system for gas engines

Digitalization affects each and every economic sector. For this reason, it is necessary to adapt to the new challenges imposed by the digital society and to promote innovation in all spheres. In this sense, Siemens uses all its knowledge and experience to innovate and further expand on digital solutions and to give companies the necessary tools to be able to lead in this new era.

Easy and Economic integration for engines

GCS-E is mounted directly on the engine and makes the commissioning easier by reducing the wiring necessary to connect the engine control system to the plant/group's system.  This way, clients can benefit from more economic integration costs.


The new configuration in turn allows for easier integration with external supervision and plant control systems. The unit supports a wide diversity of communications protocols allowing users to be able to monitor the engine's most important sensors, alarms and variables easily. 


The system improves the engine's diagnostic functions, allows for its most important parameters to be graphed in real time and sends warning reports by email to an account with regular information on alarms and post-mortem analysis, also featuring an improved spark-plug life span indicator. By enabling an Ethernet connection for remote support, users can connect to the engine from any location, by simply installing a monitoring tool on their computer. 

GCS-E system integrates protection, ignition, knocking, speed and load control functions into a single unit, thereby improving the diagnostic functions and greatly simplifying the engine control system

One software for controlling everything in everywhere

GCS-E control system is configured and calibrated with a single software tool which allows for remote support compared with the prior situation which required different tools for each unit without remote connection capacity. Additionally, the calibration interface is based on the control unit previously used in the same engines, making it easier for clients who already have experience with this system to learn how to use the new unit. Furthermore, Siemens Engine Business training center provides training about the new equipment.