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Here both innovation and cost leadership are not contradictory but goals that go hand in hand.

You have the opportunity to apply technical and business expertise in the early development phases. Through your role, you establish a quantifiable decision-making framework for cost-effective, value-optimized system and component design; creating a value chain; and negotiating with suppliers. You work together with product management, engineering, development and purchasing to deliver results. 

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Janine Kiessling

Expert in Cost and Value Engineering in the Energy Management Division

“I have a background in purchasing and project management and joined the CVE team in the Energy Management division a few months ago. I was especially interested in a dynamic and growing organization within a globally active company. I find it very motivating, the strategic approach and the potential to personally and regularly achieve successes that have a direct impact on overall results. Our role is to provide solutions to our internal interface partners worldwide. I still feel challenged by the broad range of technology. Thanks to the help of colleagues in the Siemens CVE community, I am getting good support and a thorough training.”


Stefan Leitol

Cost and Value Engineer for Electronic Systems and Benchmarking

“As an engineer, CVE offers me a special opportunity to work in a field where technology and its cost drivers intersect in order to help business units find the best solutions for competitive products. We work on a wide range of products from the Siemens portfolio, which makes each project a new challenge that is both unique and interesting. I especially appreciate the open and non-bureaucratic collaboration in the expert network across departments. For every problem, you find support in identifying solutions and colleagues who offer their expertise. This give and take is a key to the success of our projects!”


Julian Speiser

Head of Cost and Value Engineering

“Five years ago, I started working for Siemens as a Cost Engineer for gas turbines. During this time, I learned how product management defined product costs through development, manufacturing and purchase, for which I was able to contribute in a variety of ways. I developed cost models for component families, evaluated design concepts, supported benchmarking, and managed product cost management in development projects. A few month ago, I moved to Sweden with my family to build the global CVE team in the purchasing organization of the Business Unit Distributed Generation. I still find it extremely exciting to work directly on the competitiveness of our products. Overall, there are many opportunities to develop our expertise in technologies and materials. Conducting workshops with suppliers is another building block of CVE's many challenges.”


Henrik Heister

Head of Value Management Suppliers of the Mobility Division

“Turning vision into value – this is CVE’s guiding principle in the Mobility Division. The customer is at the center of what we do. Already in the conceptual phase, we discuss with partners which improvements are feasible and what effects these could have on customer usage and costs. By being on site in the factories, we have the opportunity to quickly and efficiently resolve issues. We can also spontaneously monitor our products and downstream processes during production. We also have the option to run reverse engineering on components in our dismantling room.”


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