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Modular plant
Process know-how - always included


GEA will launch Plug&Win centrifuges with MTP communication – process know-how included


CAD software
A week as a 3D engineer
At a recent Siemens Engineering Camp, 30 teenagers showed how easy it is to get started with CAD
Digitalization in industry
Twins with potential

With the digital twin it is possible to fully exploit the potential of digitalization to increase quality and efficiency.

Data analysis
Production data at a glance any time

Injection molding company achieves transparent production thanks to bottom-up digitalization.

Cloud connection
Globalization for machines


Kampf GmbH and its partners have developed a digital platform solution to network the company’s machines.


Water treatment
Freshly prepared to start the day

Reliable automation technology from Siemens is behind most of the water supply needed for Singapore’s 5.5 million inhabitants.

Real-Time Locating System
A new prodigy for the Industrial IoT

What can Simatic RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) do, and what future innovations will this technology create?

Digitalization in the glass industry
Perfected on the digital twin

Grenzebach introduces a new tin-air speed stacker – the first to be virtually optimized.

Digital energy management
Saving with big data

How automotive supplier Gestamp used a cloud-based energy efficiency application to cut its energy consumption by 15 percent.

Any color desired

Paint manufacturer Dulux Australia is relying on individual and efficient production, thanks to simulation and paperless manufacturing

The turf whisperer

A good soccer match is impossible without well-tended turf. An app will make the Allianz Arena greenkeeper’s job easier

Convincing answers to win over the skeptics

Is my data secure in MindSphere? We talked to Ralf Michael Wagner, Chief Operating Officer of MindSphere.

Sustainable manufacturing
Toward individualized manufacturing

RMS architecture, digital twins of production systems, and AI software will change modern manufacturing.