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Glass industry
Digitalization in the glass industry

Integrated solutions for manufacturers and their suppliers.

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Urban solutions
The road to sustainable cities

How can cities grow to be more liveable and resilient through governance and planning, technology and other innovations?

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Energy and building management
What digital buildings provide

Comfortable, energy efficient, intelligent, and networked: Can digital buildings meet the high expectations?

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Process industry 4.0
Flexible production

How digitalization and modular automation meet individual customer requirements even better and faster

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From Egypt to the rest of the world
The Journey of a promise

Following six Siemens engineers on their Journey of a promise for Egypt’s Megaproject and their wishes for their home countries

Digitalization meets SMEs
A vision for success

Customers are becoming more demanding, pressure is increasing. How SMEs can meet the challenges of digitalization.

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Low-voltage power distribution
Distribute electrical power safely and efficiently

Intelligent solutions for the safe and efficient distribution of electrical energy.

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Mining & Cement
The future is autonomous and digitalized

Digital solutions help the mining and cement industry to save money, drive performance and make operations safer.

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Oil and gas
The digital transformation in the oil and gas industry

In a dramatically changing market, how can oil & gas companies use digitalization to control costs and increase efficiency? Check out these solutions.

Digital Manufacturing
Is it worth it?

An investment must pay off – this also applies to digital change. How enterpre- neurs calculate...

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The fiber industry is changing
More than just paper

The fiber industry’s demands on packaging and tissue paper are growing. Digitalization helps companies respond to these changes.

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Digital transformation
China‘s path to Manufacturing 2025

Siemens supports the Chinese industries with their digital transformation.

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Urban mobility solutions
Meeting the need for smart mobility solutions

Urbanization continues at an unprecedented speed. Efficient mobility solutions help meet people’s expectations of quality of life in cities and beyond.

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Public transport
Six findings for urban transit

An Economist Intelligence Unit report shows steps cities are taking to deal with mobility challenges.

Chemical industry
Big Data – Opportunities for the chemical industry

In a digitalized world, the close cooperation with customers is the key to success.

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Machine building and process engineering
One step closer to “Industrie 4.0“

How the digital transformation of 

machine building and plant engineering can be managed.

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Education in math and science
Wanted: skilled workers

People with STEM expertise are in high demand to support digitalization at all levels.

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Energy for Industry
Start your diet today!

Energy management can satisfy the industry's hunger for energy.

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Siemens Finance Week
It's the combination that counts

Discover how embedded financing makes new business models real.

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Power generation
Bringing power to the people

How flexible energy architecture, fast power packages, and digitalization provide affordable, clean energy for people everywhere.

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Smarter Cities
Powering an urbanized world

Investments in energy systems and other infrastructures pay off, financially and otherwise.

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Brewing industry
A digital brewmaster

How the intelligent linking of automation and digitalization is changing the beverage industry.

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Intelligent power grids
Agility in energy

Digital technologies, automated processes and new business models lend utilities a competitive edge to solve issues such as cybersecurity, non-technical losses, and grid stability.

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Sustainable energy
Shaping tomorrow’s energy systems today

Discover how ingenious technologies merge with excellent know-how to create sustainable energy solutions.

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Smart buildings
Real estate’s digital head-start

Discover solutions that merge the virtual and the real to support sustainability and value creation in the real estate industry.

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Rail goes digital

In the age of intelligent mobility, digitalization is the key for tackling ever increasing volumes of traffic.

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Offshore Wind power
Transforming wind into an asset for generations to come

Wind energy is surging ahead with cost-efficient technologies, as well as innovative solutions for service, grid access and financing. Read special

Taking the measure of the city

Modern urban planning requires numbers and data as a basis for development.

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Trends in CNC Automation
Showing technology competence

With hardware and software from Siemens

for the networked production you

can increase your productivity and efficiency – and boost your market success.

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Pharmaceutical industry
Flexibility and Modularity in pharmaceutical production

Digitalization brings new possibilities  and chances to the pharmaceutical industry.

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Factory automation
Advantages of Digitalization

How the manufacturing industry is benefiting from the digitalization of the value added chain.

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Technology on ships
Efficiency on the high seas

How ship and port operators and shipping companies can benefit from environmentally-friendly drive and automation technology and power supply.

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Connecting grids
Shaping the backbone of future energy systems

Read here about ingenious solutions that create efficient long-distance transmission, reliable grid access and higher grid stability.

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Automated and connected driving

How, when and why self-driving cars will change the world of mobility.

Intelligent power grids
Agility in energy

Digital technologies, automated processes and new business models lend utilities a competitive edge to solve issues such as cybersecurity, non-technical losses, and grid stability.

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Data Centers

Data centers are a crucial driver of the global economy. And with the advent of trends such as the “internet of things” and “big data”, the challenges for operators are only set to grow.

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Water industry
Smart water

The water industry of the future will be smart and energy efficient to address the challenges of urbanization and the energy transition

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Print production
Printing to perfection

New digital technologies make print production more agile.

Mining and cement
Innovation in the mining and cement industries

Digitalization helps exploit synergies and optimization potential in challenging environments.

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Oil & Gas industry
Ingenuity in Oil & Gas

The ingenuity to improve performance while minimizing risk across the oil & gas value chain - upstream, midstream and downstream - through a range of engineering solutions and innovative technologies.

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Multimedia Feature
Perspectives of digitalization

How digital technologies offer solutions to the challenges of distributed energy, industrial enterprises and urbanization.

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Machine building industry
Digitalization in machine building

Digitalization and Industrie 4.0: what challenges and opportunities face the machine building industry? An overview of key trends and technologies already available to the companies.

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Ingenuity for life
Everything’s new

Digitalization is changing the economy and society.

The digital enterprise

How companies can benefit from the merging of real and virtual worlds.

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Economical energy generation

Efficient and reliable solutions across the entire energy system to meet sustainability challenges.

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Smart buildings and efficient power distribution

How digitalization merges building management and energy supply.