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The world’s smartest nation by 2030?

Interview with Fred Kalt, Managing Director of Siemens ITS in the Asia Pacific region.

Artificial intelligence
“Our computers were appallingly stupid”

Interview with Mario Sela, mobility expert at Bitkom, Germany's digital association, on smart machines in transport.

Kids go digital
“Fear is our adversary”

Interview with Verena Pausder about digitalization in education.

Digital road traffic
The transformative power of a revolution

The road becomes an Internet of Things: Interview with Markus Schlitt, Head of Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS).

Academic perspectives
One combined data pool

How a common data pool bringing together all static and dynamic real-time information from municipal and commercial sources could optimize traffic.

"A very pragmatic generation"

Trend researcher Sven Gábor Jánszky speaks about the thought patterns of digital natives and their disruptive effects on the transport systems of the future. 

System integration
Efficiency à la carte

Mobility systems are becoming increasingly complex – but thanks to intelligent technological strategies not necessarily any more complicated.

Middle East
And so on?

Why, in the face of upcoming mega-events, intelligent transport systems are playing an increasingly big role in the Gulf states’ mobility strategies.

Mobility Service
Stairway to heaven

Today’s innovative service systems, based on an intelligent multi-level structure, have the “visionary” power to prevent failures before they even occur. The key objective and benefit of this technological advance is maximum system availability.