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Autonomous vehicles
Redefining Success in Mobility

What if the success of your journey was measured by the rising levels of happy-hormones in your body? A plea for disruptive thinking for the era of autonomous vehicles.

The world’s smartest nation by 2030?

Interview with Fred Kalt, Managing Director of Siemens ITS in the Asia Pacific region.

Urban Mobility
Europe’s longest driverless metro

Barcelona is taking the long view on transportation, opening up Europe’s longest driverless metro line with more to come.

Artificial intelligence
“Our computers were appallingly stupid”

Interview with Mario Sela, mobility expert at Bitkom, Germany's digital association, on smart machines in transport.

Intermodal mobility
Your ticket to the future

The abilio mobility platform developed by Siemens and Schweizerische Suedostbahn, SOB enables seamless travel.

Urban mobility solutions
Meeting the need for smart mobility solutions

Urbanization continues at an unprecedented speed. Efficient mobility solutions help meet people’s expectations of quality of life in cities and beyond.

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"A very pragmatic generation"

Trend researcher Sven Gábor Jánszky speaks about the thought patterns of digital natives and their disruptive effects on the transport systems of the future. 

Smart Mobility
United data

The National Data Warehouse for Traffic Information is part of the growing effort that the Dutch road authorities are investing in the use of data for mobility optimization.

Mobility and innovation in the Middle East

For years the Middle East has been known to have a strong demand for intelligent transport solutions. It is a global showcase for modern high-performance transport technology.

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Rail goes digital

In the age of intelligent mobility, digitalization is the key for tackling ever increasing volumes of traffic.

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Automated and connected driving

What will they be allowed to do? What will they be capable of? And when will it all start? There are more than enough questions when it comes to automated vehicles. Some of them can already be answered.

Intelligent Traffic Systems
Smart systems. Smart traffic.

Communities need to use and optimize the capacities of their entire traffic infrastructure. Discover how adaptable solutions ensure smooth, sustainable urban mobility.

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Infrastructure Financing
Thinking out loud

Dr. Knut Sauer, Vice President of Siemens Mobility Consulting, reflects on innovative financing models for tomorrow’s mobility infrastructure.

Mobility Services
In the pit lane

Service experts from Mobility Services look after the maintenance of all kinds of transport systems and technology.

Alternative modes of transport
"The development is definitely not over yet"

Interview with Rudolf Scharping, former top-ranking politician and current President of the Federation of German Cyclists, on the present bike boom in Europe.

Road traffic
Smarter parking

Free parking spaces – easy to find thanks to a new radar system.

Mobility Service
Stairway to heaven

Today’s innovative service systems, based on an intelligent multi-level structure, have the “visionary” power to prevent failures before they even occur. The key objective and benefit of this technological advance is maximum system availability.