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Water treatment
Freshly prepared to start the day

Reliable automation technology from Siemens is behind most of the water supply needed for Singapore’s 5.5 million inhabitants.

Water and wastewater industry
Digitally optimized

Digital twins are streamlining flexible workflows at ACCIONA Agua

Integrated data management
A water-tight solution

Siemens experts on the digitalization of the water industry

IT security
Focus on IT security

The growth of web-based services, however, has increased the risk of malicious attacks for waterworks and wastewater treatmant plants.


Water treatment
A reliable water supply for the Ruhr area

An automation solution from Siemens is ensuring a reliable water supply in the Ruhr area and making it easier to monitor complex infrastructure thanks to a central process control system.

Process instrumentation
Smart water measures

Smart water meters can improve both service quality and economic payoff in water supply networks.

Ocean view

An entire ecosystem in a research facility: Siemens technology helps to protect the Great Barrier Reef and other marine ecosystems all over the world.  

Energy efficiency
One drive, many benefits

Integrated Drive Systems also enable for modern speed-controlled pump drives options for general process control.    

Turning sewage into pure water

Siemens helps Tianjin utilize advanced water purification technologies to meet tough environmental standards for wastewater treatment.