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Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corporation’s Power Generation Division, which operates in the area of thermal, gas, and hydro power plants, is a respected supplier of turnkey power plants and provider of associated services in Japan and beyond

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Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors must deliver on quality, timing, and engineering efficiency despite time and cost pressures. A Japanese contractor implemented a central software system that provides project teams with the most up-to-date information.

Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corporation (TPSC) is a global EPC contractor specializing in power generation plants and infrastructure facilities. Headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, TPSC has implemented power plant projects in more than 60 countries and offers a broad set of products and services to both public and industrial power utilities. As a general contractor, TPSC has to deliver on increasingly short project implementation times. To increase project efficiency, the company was looking for a software system that could streamline project management and facilitate collaboration with third parties.

Converting, preparing, and updating data

During the planning and design of its power generation systems, TPSC was using a set of advanced and highly dedicated software solutions. However, the exchange of data between these individual software products had always been complex and prone to error. As only rudimentary import and export functions were available, intensive manual preparation and revisions were required. Differing versions of the engineering data also needed to be accommodated. To implement projects more efficiently, the company was looking for a software solution that would combine all engineering data in a central data hub with always up-to-date data that could be accessed by all authorized staff from any location in the world.
After extensive evaluations, TPSC determined that the Siemens Comos data platform best satisfied its ­requirements. With Mescada Pty Ltd., TPSC found the ideal partner to implement and adapt the new solution. Mescada is a leading automation specialist with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and a branch in ­Singapore. This Siemens Solution Partner has demonstrated its expertise not only with respect to the Simatic PCS 7 process control system but also in the implementation of Comos projects – and is a certified partner in both fields.

Perfectly integrated and user-friendly: TPSC’s Lead Piping Engineer Hagino Toshiki uses Comos with existing PDMS 3D systems

Seamlessly integrating project data

Short circuit and load flow calculations are an ­example of information used in the new workflow. The calculated values are essential when it comes to fitting plants with the right cables and electrical equipment. Thanks to a special interface, the ­calculated values can now be utilized directly in Comos for further engineering work. For example, audit-compliant terminal plans or cable lists can then be automatically prepared. Another example is thermal calculations. The Comos data management solution enables the data from the calculations to be automatically acquired directly from the dedicated calculation tool. All process data are then available in the central database. The same process works for 3D planning data. Comos offers an integration tool that optimally reconciles Comos data with the 3D model, and engineering data from Comos are sent directly to the 3D model. Changes can be automatically displayed via the redlining function and ­inconsistencies quickly identified. This ensures that planning errors resulting from inconsistent data are a thing of the past.

With Comos, we managed to consolidate, integrate, and streamline TPSC’s engineering landscape.
Thomas Haerteis, Business Development Manager at Mescada

International collaboration

With Comos, TPSC has found the ideal solution for integrating and consolidating a mixed IT environment. All planning data are now centrally stored and administered. With the help of defined interfaces, specialists from each discipline can continue to operate within their familiar work environments. At the same time, the need for manual reentry of data is eliminated. This translates not only into time savings but also into ­enhanced engineering quality. Furthermore, TPSC can now seamlessly integrate its subsidiaries in India, ­Malaysia, or Thailand into major projects. Thanks to consistent and centrally administered data, parallel engineering is possible at multiple sites, and even ­integrating external partners is simple.
Comos optimizes the handling of data across all planning phases and provides TPSC with an excellent foundation for meeting the tough demands that are typical in the competitive EPC business environment, as Thomas Haerteis, Mescada business development manager for Australia and Southeast Asia confirms: “With Comos, we managed to consolidate, integrate, and streamline TPSC’s engineering landscape. Pilot projects executed parallel to the implementation show measurable advantages in terms of execution time as well as increased quality of engineering data and related documentation.” Following the successful initial deployment, further integration and rollouts in Thailand, Malaysia, and India are planned.