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Polyamide from biomass
When corn is turned into clothing

With assistance from Siemens, Cathay Industrial Biotech Ltd. is building a digital factory to turn renewable biomass into polyamide.

Digitalization in China
The path to 2025 and beyond

We talked to Wang Peng about how China is boosting the digital transformation and their equivalent to Industrie 4.0, the initiative “China Manufacturing 2025”.

The path to Industrie 4.0

Jinyu Bio set out to compete on the global biopharmaceutical market by building a world-class digital pharmaceutical factory.

Pharmaceutical industry
Thinking big

In the Jiangsu province in East China, Bicon is building a major production and logistics complex ready for digital operations across more than 824 acres.

Food and beverage
Dairy Industrie 4.0

The dairy products giant Mengnui is building intelligent factories and paving the way for a “Dairy Industrie 4.0” in China.

Turning sewage into pure water

Siemens helps Tianjin utilize advanced water purification technologies to meet tough environmental standards for wastewater treatment.

Chemical industry
King of coal

By digitalizing gasification with Siemens tools, Sedin Engineering is taking the royal way to the future of China’s coal industry.


Industrial communication
Overcoming barriers

To establish reliable data transmission between its offshore oil drilling platforms, Liaodong implemented an integrated broadband wireless solution.

Oil & Gas
The giant in the sea

Drilling rig BLUEWHALE I searches for resources under the sea surface. Siemens Power Package Systems ensure its secure operation.

Power supply
Lighting up the future

Jinan Tobacco discovered that power supply performance has a direct impact on uptime, product quality, and profits.

Monitoring and control
Every particle counts

Monitoring the big picture and the tiniest detail: AT&S uses a FMCS solution to ensure safe cleanroom conditions for printed circuit board production.