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Evoniks Me5 plant in Singapore

Energy management

Complete power

The current methionine plant in Singapore is Evonik’s largest chemical investment in the company’s history. With a fully integrated energy management solution for power supply, monitoring, control, and automation, Siemens is helping to hone Evonik’s competitive edge.

Methionine is an indispensable amino acid for healthy and sustainable animal nutrition – and Evonik is the market leader for this product. The company strengthened this position with the largest investment in its history. The Evonik Me5 plant boasts an annual capacity of 150,000 metric tons and produces not only the amino acid methionine but also all important raw materials required for the production process.

Fully integrated energy management

The most essential “raw material” is, of course, a reliable power supply that not only keeps the production up and running but precisely meets the demands of complex chemical production processes. With a holistic approach for developing a fully integrated energy management solution for power supply, monitoring, control, and automation, Siemens was able to meet the customer’s requirements: a stable and reliable power supply and control system, highest product quality, and prompt and accurate support. Siemens acted as a one-stop shop for Evonik in Singapore, from engineering, fabrication, and delivery to work at the construction site, system integration, and testing and commissioning of the entire electrical network system. The solution comprises 66 kV gas-insulated switchgear, 400 V dry-type distribution transformers, and network remote control through the substation automation system Sicam PAS.

Better performance thanks to reliable power

The system was made to order with components from Siemens factories in Germany, then tested and shipped to Singapore, where it was installed and commissioned. Now Evonik can count on a holistically developed power supply system that allows the company to strengthen its leading position in a growing market based on a reliable, safe, and low-maintenance power supply.

The cooperation will continue. Evonik also commissioned Siemens as one of the partners for the energy management solution for the new Me6 plant.

Picture credits: Evonik Industries AG