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Synergy as opportunity

How does the process industry remain competitive? Siemens-CEO Jürgen Brandes about the potential of digitalization and new business models.

Process Control System
Tracing back “bad actor“

Filtering and prioritizing alarms: At its site in Singapore Evonik uses Simatic PCS 7 and Simatic Batch to quickly eliminate sources of error.

Industrial Communication
Rugged performance

Secure oil production despite extreme temperatures – Ruggedcom network components defy the desert of Oman.

Energy Management
Complete power

The power supply at the Evonik methionine plant in Singapore controls an energy management solution by Siemens.

Integrated Drive Systems
From the pump, into the glass

The Thu Duc Treatment Plant provides 600,000 households in Ho Chi Minh City with drinking water – with help from Siemens and partners.

Majestic mountain and long line

No leaks with Siwa Leak: When rock salt heaps at “Monte Kali“, Siemens provides a smart disposal.

Seamless data handling

Comos CAE software completely interlinks planning an operation with great user-friendliness for an efficient plant management.

Process control system
Simulation instead of risk

Simit supports with a virtual twin the smooth changeover of a huge plant from Butachimie in France to Simatic PCS 7. 

Chemical Industry
Balanced recycling

It’s the right mix: Siemens weighing electronics find the exact ratio of reused and new plastics.

Industrial communication
Everything in open flow

Data exchange in the digital business: The communication architecture OPC UA connects devices securely using a multiplatform interface.

Integrated drive systems
Flexible fibre production

A integrated drive solution helps Märkische Faser GmbH to make their production of polyester fibers even more effective and flexible.

Chemical Industry
Comeback for carbon

From CO2 to green material: Simatic PCS7 helps an Australian joint venture discovering the fascinating shapeshifter.