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Sustainable manufacturing
Toward individualized manufacturing

RMS architecture, digital twins of production systems, and AI software will change modern manufacturing.

Digital energy management
Saving with big data

How automotive supplier Gestamp used a cloud-based energy efficiency application to cut its energy consumption by 15 percent.

The turf whisperer

A good soccer match is impossible without well-tended turf. An app will make the Allianz Arena greenkeeper’s job easier

Any color desired

Paint manufacturer Dulux Australia is relying on individual and efficient production, thanks to simulation and paperless manufacturing

Unlock the potential
Energy efficiency: A starting point for a digital enterprise

A company’s first step toward a digital transformation can be something as simple as the desire to save energy.

Electronics industry
Always a step ahead

Faster time-to-market in a very fast-paced industry: The digital twin makes it possible.

Digital twin
On real and digital twins

RadioBro Corporation’s aircraft electronics systems are born as digital twins. And the company's owners are twins themselves.

How can we build trust in the digital age?

Roland Busch, CTO and Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG, on cybersecurity

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