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Digital power grid
Wunsiedel: Revolution in distribution

Sector coupling and digital energy management set German town on track for 100% renewable energy future.

COP23 & Clean Energy
Clean energy – a prerequisite for a stable, livable and peaceful world

Lisa Davis, Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG, on how we can achieve clean energy policies to further decarbonize the world.

More power, stable supply
Storing energy on a small island

How a Microgrid allows an Italian island to integrate renewables into an already volatile grid.

Offshore wind
Offshore substation slims down

The Offshore Transformer Module, a new AC substation, helps to cut the costs of wind power offshore.

Wind offshore service
Improved availability and safety

For the past 12 months, custom-built vessels have serviced and maintained offshore wind power plants.

Energy transition
Hot stones store renewable energy

Innovative energy storage system based on simple principles holds the key to making renewables reliable.

Renewables storage
Electricity storage: an overview

Technology is available, but the merits have to be carefully assessed.

The intelligent future of wind turbines

A machine learning approach implemented by Siemens’ Learning Systems group helps to bring down the cost of wind energy.

Onshore wind
Onshore turbines: Quiet, please!

Inspired by nature: A low-noise turbine blade design is patterned on the serrated edge of owls’ wings.

Financing offshore wind energy
A leading co-investor in the wind power industry

Wolfgang Bischoff of Siemens Financial Services on his company as an investor in offshore wind.