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City Performance Tool
Measuring tomorrow’s air quality

Nuremberg is the first city to use the Siemens air quality tool to reduce noxious emissions.

Resilience expert Michael Berkowitz
How to make 100 cities more resilient

Michael Berkowitz, President of 100 Resilient Cities, presents new ideas that help communities bounce back from catastrophes.

The bottom line
The business case for smart cities

A new method for quantifying RoI helps decisionmakers make the business case for digitally augmented assets.

Urban development
Ancient City Eyes Zero-Carbon Growth

Booming Chinese cities like Nanjing aim to minimize CO2 emissions.

Smarter Cities
Powering an urbanized world

Investments in energy systems and other infrastructures pay off, financially and otherwise.

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Urban development
Cities in the digital age

Digitalization changes how we live, work, and travel. More and more cities are innovating to evolve services, get more out of their infrastructure, and engage with the community.

Data Centers

Flexible, secure and reliable – solutions for increasing demands.

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Service and maintenance
Giving transport the service it deserves

Siemens Mobility’s new service concepts reduce traffic congestion and rail delays, improve safety, and enable more efficient use of resources.