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Electrical Equipment Giant REXEL
Pioneers in energy management

How the Austrian electrical and electronics wholesaler REXEL has digitalized its energy consumption.

Digital construction
Three perspectives on digital twins

The digital twin has become today's catchphrase. What do experts hope to gain from digital construction?

Flagship project
Sustainability built on data

New Siemens BT Campus project showcases how to reduce buildings’ primary energy requirements.

Finnish shopping center goes digital
Creating the perfect shopping experience

Europe’s greenest shopping center explores the full potential of building automation and digitalization.

Energy efficiency in Germany
Benefit from energy savings

Invest in energy efficiency and use the savings to pay for it. Leipzig’s famous Gewandhaus concert hall shows how it’s done.

Reliable infrastructure
Theater construction of the superlative kind

Efficiency in the Berlin Friedrichstadt-Palast both frontstage and backstage. Power distribution in focus.

Preventive fire protection
Fire protection according to the schoolbook

Over 320 arc fault detection devices provide for preventive, standards-compliant fire protection at the Carolus Magnus Secondary School in Übach-Palenberg, Germany.