What drives the transformation of manufacturing in China?

Siemens works closely with the Ministry of Education to implement new education concepts combining theory and practice to train innovative professionals for manufacturing.


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Future of Manufacturing

Cultivating innovative talent

Siemens has a long tradition of supporting engineering education, promoting school-enterprise cooperation in China, and sponsoring the annual Siemens Cup to ignite student creativity in the application of practical technologies. All of this offers a platform for mutual exchange and learning.


Siemens comprehensive collaboration with the Ministry of Education, demonstrates our strong sense of corporate responsibility.

China is transitioning from a big manufacturing country into a super manufacturing power. Besides the transformation of products and manufacturing technology, the need for talent is equally crucial. China industry education is facing the challenge of having to bridge the gulf between theory and practice.


In 2011, Siemens signed a Memorandum on education cooperation with the Ministry of Education of China. The two parties declared that they would work together to promote the development of engineering education. Siemens expansive collaboration with the Ministry supports teachers and students in universities higher vocational schools and junior colleges by building up a curriculum that exposes them to the latest Siemens industrial technologies, implementing training programs for teachers, establishing over 300 training centers and labs, and organizing contests like the “Siemens Cup."


The Siemens Cup has been held since 2006 to ignite students' creativity in the application of practical technologies, providing a platform for mutual exchange and learning. The contest has five competition items: Logic Control, Design Development, Engineering Innovation, Motion Control and Hardware Development. Designed to develop excellence in creative engineering talent for China. So far, the contest has attracted nearly 40 percent of China’s technological institutes, with nearly 10,242 contestants of over 3,414 teams from 28 provinces and cities.


The Memorandum reflects Siemens’ endeavor to help to promote the development of engineering education and cultivate creative talent for China’s manufacturing sector upgrade. Additionally, Siemens has created a corporate identity as "Employer of Choice" and "trusted partner to create sustainable values".

The cooperation between enterprises and universities is important for education, in line with the key concepts of the Education Plan.

Hao Ping, Vice Minister, Ministry of Education


Cultivating innovative talent for China’s manufacturing upgrade

China’s manufacturing is growing rapidly, so is the demand on engineering talents. With its profound experience on engineering education, Siemens widely promoted school-enterprise cooperation in China, and holds “Siemens Cup” automation contest every year to ignite students’ ability and creativity in application of practical technologies, providing a platform for mutual exchanges and learning.

Memorandum Promoting the development of engineering education in China.

Siemens business grows in China, raising demand for engineering talent.


Siemens holds the Siemens Cup to support students’ development, creativity, and application of practical technologies.


Siemens signed the Memorandum on Education Cooperation with the Ministry of Education in the People’s Republic of China.


Siemens marks the ten year anniversary of the Siemens Cup.

During the last ten years, the Siemens Cup has attracted nearly:
  • 10,242 contestants
  • 3,414 teams
  • 28 provinces and cities
Siemens collaborates with the Ministry:
Build up new curriculum system
Training for teachers / students
Establish labs and training center
Siemens Cup

With a valuable educational cooperation tradition in Germany, Siemens comprehensively collaborates with the Ministry of Education, has fully demonstrated Siemens’ strong sense of Corporate Responsibility.


Investing in a brighter future

Creative engineering talent is critical if China is to reach its goal of becoming a manufacturing superpower. Siemens is collaborating with China’s Ministry of Education, implementing new educational concepts that combine theory and practice, training engineers for China’s manufacturing upgrade.

From theory to practice

Siemens widely promotes school-enterprise cooperation, and holds the “Siemens Cup” to ignite students’ ability and creativity in application of practical technologies.

Supporting the engineers of the future

With valuable educational cooperation in Germany, Siemens is collaborating with the Ministry of Education, demonstrating our strong sense of responsibility.

Supporting education

Siemens Cup, held since 2006, offers a platform for the exchange of knowledge and learning. The cooperation between enterprises and universities is an important part of Chinese education.

Building tomorrow’s builders

Siemens’ talent development plan for China's industry follows a three-pronged approach: theory, practice, and examination, with a view to turning academic knowledge into real world know-how.

Driving forward to success

Only when knowledge catches up with real production lines will the next generation of Chinese engineers be able to keep pace with the goals of the ambitious “China Manufacturing 2025” plan.


Ahead of the curve in engineering

Digitalization and automation are the keys to tomorrow's factories. Siemens provides hardware and software products that cover the entire production process, ensure the interoperability of all components, and allow customers to communicate with both business partners and end-users.

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