Corporate Technology

For nearly 170 years, pioneering technologies and the business models developed from them have been the foundation of Siemens‘ success. Our central research and development unit – Corporate Technology (CT) – plays an important role in this.

Shaping the Future

Passion for research, technology and innovation

Together with its global network of experts, CT is a strategic partner to Siemens’ operative units. It provides important services along the entire value chain – from research and development to production and quality assurance, as well as optimized business processes. The support provided to the businesses in their research and development activities is ideally balanced with CT’s own future-oriented research.

Pioneer in Research and Development

Our areas of activity

Under the leadership of the Chief Technology Officer and in partnership with the operating units, CT develops Siemens’ technology and innovation strategy, creates and industrializes basic technologies, promotes business excellence through consulting and engineering services, and protects the company’s intellectual property.

Corporate Technology contributes to the company's success in many functions, including its technology and innovation strategy, research and development in the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization, cooperation with universities, patents and business excellence.

Siemens’ central research and development arm sees itself as a strategic partner to the company’s businesses. It plays a key role in achieving and maintaining leading competitive positions in the fields of electrification and automation while at the same time helping Siemens fully tap into the growth field of digitalization.

To ensure the success of these efforts, numerous experts around the world make their outstanding knowledge available to the company:

  • Some 1,600 researchers based in North America, Europe, and Asia are hard at work on technologies that will have a broad impact on Siemens businesses, helping them successfully establish their innovations on the market.
  • Some 4,800 software engineers spread across Asia, Europe, and the United States help the business units combine the real and virtual worlds with innovative software products and solutions.

Experience Corporate Technology

Examples from our day-to-day work

With our innovations and technologies, we set standards for existing and future markets – ensuring that Siemens remains successful in the long term. Concrete examples illustrate just how Corporate Technology contributes to this.

Work at Corporate Technology

Shaping the future

The people who work at Corporate Technology are more than employees. They are actively helping to make people’s lives a little better every day. Would you like to be a part of that? Then join us. We can offer you a high level of practical relevance as well as an opportunity to individually contribute your knowledge and your visions – around the world. Whether you’re helping to develop products for the operating units or working in interdisciplinary projects for the business areas: At Corporate Technology you’ll be working in the heart of Siemens’ technological research.

Arquimedes Canedo

Arquimedes Canedo, Princeton

“My job is to pursue high-risk, high-reward research ideas that can help Siemens secure its technological base in the domain of Automation and Control."

Shikha Pillai

Shikha Pillai, Bangalore

“Whether CT scanner or train, virtually every product contains software. My team and I are helping ensure that our products are the best. That motivates us anew every day.”

Torsten Lahr

Torsten Lahr, Nuremberg

“Together with my team, I am working on innovative software solutions in digitalization with a view to making our customers’ engineering processes more efficient and more flexible.”

 Ilaria Carrara Cagni

Ilaria Carrara Cagni, Munich

“Siemens collaborates with top universities worldwide. Both sides benefit from these partnerships. My job is to maintain and continue expanding this valuable network.”

 Alexander Tremel

Alexander Tremel, Erlangen

“I am researching the topics of tomorrow, such as how we can build more flexible power plants that are ready for the transition to renewable energy. I like it when my ideas become reality.”

 Prof. Monika Sturm

Prof. Monika Sturm, Vienna

“Ready for the digitalization of the physical world – my team and I are working to enable interaction between diverse systems and to find smart solutions.”

 Claudia­-Camilla Malcher

Claudia­-Camilla Malcher, Munich

“Having ideas that can revolutionize existing markets. Generating business that could be relevant for Siemens in the future, particularly with the help of start-ups. That’s my job.”

 Xiao Yang Qu

Xiao Yang Qu, Beijing

“Inventions are what drives innovation at Siemens. My team helps protect our patent portfolio and thus safeguard our company’s future technology.”