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Tomorrow starts with Future Minds: Students

We’re busy building the technology of tomorrow. From smart factories and smart power grids to manufacturing systems that use lightweight robots and 3D printers, we’re improving the cities we live in and the places we work. By working for Siemens as a student, you can be part of exciting projects like these – and in addition, if you join our Future Minds Student Program, you will also gain valuable skills, experience and contacts along the way.


Want to help shape tomorrow and develop yourself further? Join us.

Meet our students

Meet some of the students building the future with us.


Christoph Doehl

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology graduate

I made a lot of new friends from the networking part of the program. Meeting interesting people changes your habits, making you more open-minded.


Florian Schwarz

Power Engineering student

No two days are the same. One day I’ll do practical work like preparing some cables or taking measurements; the next I’ll be working on computer simulations. So it’s completely different. And that’s what I like.


Justus Raecker

Electrical Engineering student

I started at Siemens and at university at the same time. So I got hands on experience here and then studied the theory at university, which was a great combination.


Katrin Seeger

Systems Engineering student

I really enjoy my position here because it’s the biggest job I’ve had so far. I get to work at a huge plant in Poland, and go on site and see everything, which is the most fun I’ve had.


What part will you play?

We’re always looking for curious minds to help us create what’s next and the Future Minds Student Program can be a great way to get involved. You’ll have the chance to work with like -minded people on challenging projects that make a big difference. 


You’re excited about the future and want to accelerate your personal and professional development? Then this program is for you.


Click on the tabs to find out more.

Our flexible program is designed to complement your studies, helping you gain valuable skills and experience within the industry.


You’ll work on important business challenges, exchange ideas and opinions with fellow students, start building up contacts and gain exposure to Siemens professionals.


If you apply for the program without Siemens experience, we expect you to take on an internship within the company in the first year of your membership. Your department supervisor will then become your personal mentor, who will be on hand to guide you through the program, offering advice, feedback and support to give you the best start in the industry.

We offer a completely new form of learning, letting you build solutions to real problems and develop insights into a career with us:


  • You’ll learn key skills like teamwork and project management as you work in project teams with students from all over Germany – making valuable friends and contacts in the process.
  • Our colleagues will be your clients as you work on important business challenges.
  • You’ll be part of a think tank, working to shape and understand how society impacts the work we do.
  • You’ll get advice and guidance from professional coaches, with a mix of on-site events, virtual training modules and guided reflection sessions.


With over 351,000 people working on everything from marketing to engineering, we offer a life-changing experience for students from across Germany who join our program. Check whether you meet our entry criteria below:

  • Are you a Master’s student with a background in technical studies, industrial engineering or computer sciences, enrolled at a German university for the duration of your studies, with at least one year left until you graduate?
  • Do you have an outstanding academic record?
  • Have you had international or intercultural experience through studying, working or living abroad?
  • Do you have a global perspective and speak English and German fluently?
  • Have you had significant practical experience in a relevant discipline through either an apprenticeship, internship or a student job?


If the answer’s yes, join us and help shape tomorrow, today. 

Our People

Tomorrow’s answers are today’s questions

Whether we’re building electric planes or working with robots, if we’re doing it today, think what you could be doing tomorrow. That’s what inspires 351,000 great minds at Siemens to come and work together every day.


Meet some of the people helping to shape the future, every day.


What does the program offer?

The Future Minds Student Program Germany gives you the chance to gain skills, qualifications and industry experience to help you prepare for a career with us.


You’ll work with professional coaches and interact with business partners to help you make contacts and expand your network. By working on projects with other students, you’ll also learn essential skills like project management and teamwork.


This flexible program involves a mixture of training modules, assignments and working closely with mentors. Your mentor will offer guidance and feedback throughout the program and advise you on the next steps to moving into a role at Siemens.

Applicants should meet the following criteria;


●     Currently studying towards an MA.

●     A background in technical studies, industrial engineering or computer sciences.

●     Currently enrolled at a German University or University of applied science, with at least one year left until graduation.

●     An outstanding academic record

●     Experience of studying, working or living abroad.

●     Fluent in English and German.

●     Significant practical experience in a relevant discipline through an apprenticeship, internship or a student job.

There are two application periods each year:


●      The application period for a program intake in April is 1-31 January.

●      The application period for a program intake in October is 1-31 July.

Future Minds Student Program is currently only running in Germany. The program will be rolled out across internationally soon. Until then, check which student programs are available in other locations on our Search Careers page.

If you have other questions about the Future Minds Student Program that weren’t answered in these FAQs, just email us here.

The Future Minds Student Program is designed to last for at least one year to allow you to make the most of your time on the program. Unfortunately that means you cannot apply if you will graduate in less than one year from now.

The program is designed to complement your academic studies. Being part of this program will enhance your knowledge through industry experience, without putting pressure on your course responsibilities.

Many participants of our programs are now working at Siemens, however we can’t guarantee you’ll be employed at the end of it. The program focuses on preparing you for your career at Siemens.

Unfortunately, students who are already offered a year in industry as part of their University course aren’t eligible to apply for this program.

No, unfortunately graduates who are no longer enrolled in higher education aren’t eligible to apply for this program

At the moment, student programs at Siemens do not currently offer any form of scholarship.

You’ll spend around 4 days on site as well as communicating with other program members virtually. If you choose to take part in training and other events you may be required to spend more time attending these. But always keep in mind, that increased engagement will benefit you in the long run once you finish your studies.

The existing TOPAZ, YOLANTE and SMP student programs are still running, but are now closed for new intakes. If you are already enrolled in one of these programs, you will still be supported and be able to attend trainings and events, have practical assignments at Siemens and receive mentorship until the end of your program.


If you are a TOPAZ, YOLANTE or SMP program student who applies and is accepted into the Future Minds Student Program, your current program membership will end. It’s currently not possible to be a member of both programs at the same time.


How do I apply?

We have two application periods each year starting on 1st January and 1st July. Applications should be made online and in German. All shortlisted applicants will be invited to our multi-level selection process.

If you’re interested in joining our program, email your contact details to and we’ll send you a reminder nearer the time.

There are two ways to enter our program: if you are currently working at Siemens, your supervisor can nominate you throughout the year. If you do not have any Siemens experience, you can apply for our program in January and July of every year. Please make sure you fulfil the above criteria.

You can read our full Terms & Conditions here.

If you are interested in an internship/a work student job or a thesis please have a look on our international job market. We are looking forward to your application under our Jobs & career website .