Society’s awareness of energy is changing.

Consumers want more comfort and more control over their bills. They want to lessen their impact on the climate, and to use new technologies. Smart Grid is the way to accomplish this.

Siemens Smart Grid Solutions

Creating the utility of the future

Keeping the lights on while empowering people to manage their own electricity consumption. That’s Ingenuity for life.

Siemens Smart Grid Solutions

New Brunswickers want to actively participate in their energy system, with greater control over their energy costs and consumption. NB Power, the province's utility, wants to empower their consumers, bolster system-wide reliability, and position itself as a utility of the future. Its powerful innovation is made possible by Siemens Smart Grid solution, as well as a special partnership between the people of Siemens and NB Power.

Siemens is committed to improve the lives of New Brunswickers with three special ingenuity-driven investments. First, the Global Centre of Competence in Fredericton leverages the delivery of Siemens end-to-end smart grid solution for NB Power. Second, a related Research and Development office manages the design and rollout of smart grid software. And finally, support for smart grid research projects is undertaken at universities in New Brunswick, including the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of New Brunswick (UNB), which is located in Fredericton.


Siemens ingenuity is the secret sauce that's going to allow our utility to be successful in the future.

Brad Wasson, Director, NB Power

Distributed energy resources

Multiple energy sources, sharing the grid

Demand response' and 'load shifting' initiatives - which aim to decrease electricity consumption and shift it to off-peak periods - use customer incentives and new technology. Consumers have better control over their electricity use and bills, and don't have to pay for electricity they don't need.


Siemens ingenuity transforming NB Power

The emergence of the Utility of the Future

A successful smart grid transformation ultimately comes down to one key factor - a remarkable partnership between Siemens and NB Power.

Smart Grid = telco network + existing infrastructure of poles/wires

This interconnected network allows NB Power to better understand electrical use, to connect distributed energy sources, and to be used more productively by consumers and the utility.

The use of demand-management products and services

Smart thermostats and smart water heaters have helped New Brunswickers reduce their overall energy use and manage their bills

Siemens as a trusted partner to NB Power

"No utility has gone this far with a vision this significant, this broad. I don't think there's any consultancy out there like Siemens ... that could take a utility as far as we're planning to go." - Brad Wasson, Director, NB Power