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Siemens is a trusted partner for utilities and companies around the world, with a large number of successful projects involving high-voltage cable systems in the 110-500 kV range.

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Siemens as your partner

Independent solutions for cable systems

High-voltage cable systems are the backbone of the electrical energy supply. Technically sophisticated high-voltage cable solutions are needed for both megacities and the expansion of the power supply in emerging markets. Siemens has customized services in its portfolio to meet this requirement.

Your partner for the entire lifecycle of your project

Space restrictions and other external influences constraining the current-carrying capacity of a cable system demand particular measures and skilled configuration to guarantee the reliable transmission of electrical energy via high-voltage cables.

The inclusion of renewables is currently creating quite unique demands on the expansion of the transmission networks in Germany and around the world. As your partner we offer all services for high-voltage cable systems up to 500 kV from a single source – from drawing up the cable dimensions to final testing as part of the commissioning process. With around 150 years of experience and more than 100 successful projects behind us, we have an overview of the entire market and can advise and look after you with regard to accessories, without being dependent on one single manufacturer. Make use of our range of engineering, procurement and consulting services (EPC).

For every job, we use the right technologies for your needs, as well as high-quality materials. This relates to the selection of appropriate products in the cable and fittings area, as well as the choice of the right routing tools and sending tested, reliable employees to assemble your fittings reliably with sealing ends and connecting sleeves. We’ll also be there to help if you want to retrofit, convert or expand your system. And if you want to dismantle an existing system, we will look after lifting and professionally disposing of cables and cable fittings, and recycling them as appropriate. It goes without saying that we perform all work in accordance with national or international regulations and guidelines.

Support when you need it

Siemens offers customized services for every project. If you require it, we will assume full management of your project and look after it throughout the entire project life cycle. Our services cover all tasks from consulting on financing and project management to engineering, delivery, assembly and commissioning, as well as after-sales services, dismantling and recycling.

Of course it is possible, depending on the project, to procure only selected services from Siemens and to look after the project management yourself, which may prove a practical option. Siemens has completed many projects involving individually compiled solutions for many different customers in a range of industries.

Turnkey solutions

By request, we can provide you with turnkey solutions for high-voltage cable systems. In these cases, Siemens handles all the necessary stages of the project, starting with initial consulting and a feasibility study, including a precise analysis of the requirements, local situation and timeframe. 

Because Siemens is not tied to any manufacturer, we can work out the best solution for your challenges. We assume the work of project management, engineering and design, setting up the construction site and the construction works themselves, as well as procuring the materials. We supervise and monitor the factory testing of the cables at the manufacturer’s premises, arrange transport to the construction site and then perform the installation work and commissioning on-site. After-sales services, any maintenance work or disassembly and recycling all form part of our range of services. If needed, we can also provide assistance with our wide range of financing solutions. 

Save time and cut costs

The search for the best provider for your individual project is usually time-consuming. With Siemens as your partner, you can free yourself of this responsibility and focus on your actual business. We use the requirements you supply to work out the provider that will be the best from a technological aspect and also the most favorably priced; we will look after materials procurement and transport, and also local work. 

Thanks to our decades of experience we know what quality and reliability involve, and can select the most economical offers and tailor them precisely to your project, with no ties to particular manufacturers or products. That means you save both time and money.

How you benefit from having Siemens as an independent partner

  • You will receive a technically and commercially optimized vendor-neutral solution 
  • You will profit from our experience collaborating with international contractors on project management and documentation 
  • You will benefit from our long-time experience in developing complex engineering solutions 
  • You can rely on short reaction times for clearing faults

Complete range of services from planning to after-sales

  • Consulting, preparation of tender documents and project-based specifications 
  • System engineering, clarification/calculation of mutual interference (as regards EMC and heating) between contract sections on site 
  • Vendor-neutral consulting and project optimization 
  • Preparation of complete bids, clarification of interfaces, procurement 
  • Installation and commissioning of medium-voltage and high-voltage cable systems from a single source in accordance with national and international regulations and recommendations 
  • Handling of turnkey projects by certified project managers 
  • Fault diagnosis on existing cable installations, for example, through temperature measurement using thermal imaging camera, partial discharge measurement, or cable oil inspections 
  • Maintenance, fault location, fault clearance, inspections, modernization, and dismantling of old installations

Siemens expertise in high-voltage cable systems

Siemens handles the entire technical calculation process for high-voltage cable systems. For live cable systems, we calculate capacity during operation under rated conditions (constant and cyclical load), in emergency load operation and transient heating. The thermal current-carrying capacity of the leads, sheathing and shielding, and also the dynamic current-carrying capacities (short-circuit forces) are calculated to establish short-circuit capacity.

Capacities, load current, earth-fault current and charging capacity are measured to determine the electrical characteristic values of the cable system. Also measured are inductance, induced voltages and currents in leads, metal sheaths and shielding, and symmetrical components (zero, positive-sequence and negative-sequence impedance).

Siemens also tests the hydraulic characteristic values of low-pressure oil cable systems using static and transient oil pressures (cut-in and cut-out pressure), as well as the electromagnetic compatibility of the power current density distribution and magnetic field strength (in accordance with the Federal Emission Protection Law) and electromagnetic interference with parallel lines and cables. Further preparation for assembly and installation includes the calculation of expected tensile forces and complex thermal problems (such as cable transitions), magnetic fields (including ferromagnetic components), electric fields, and thermomechanical problems (such as heat expansion in pressure cables).

As part of the project preparation, Siemens determines the appropriate dimensioning and the detailed design for cable systems. This includes determining the necessary line and shielding cross-sections, the layout and planning of cable fixings for open-air routing, possible solutions for problems (transitions, underpasses, dimensioning of other installation components (parallel ground wires, compensating circuits, oil compensators) and elaborating the assembly and installation plan.

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Power Transmission Service

Siemens support the development of the power transmission and distribution grid with its strong team of experts and a number of services

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Power Transmission Service

Siemens support the development of the power transmission and distribution grid with its strong team of experts and a number of services

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High-voltage cable success stories

For almost 170 years, Siemens has used its skills in the area of electrification to help companies successfully implement their projects. Siemens’ expertise and the fact it is not bound to any particular manufacturer both benefit companies from all industries worldwide.


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