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A vulnerability handling process typically consists of the following four steps at Siemens:

1. Report

The vulnerability is reported by an external party to Siemens ProductCERT. Please contact us using the ways described in Section “Contact Information”. We respond to incoming reports within one work day.


Please report the following information:

  • Description of vulnerability, including proof-of-concept exploit code or network traces (if available)
  • Affected product, including model and firmware version (if available)
  • Publicity of vulnerability (Was it already publicly disclosed?)
  • If a large amount of data needs to be submitted, we are able to offer an easy-to-use service for data transfer

Everyone is encouraged to report discovered vulnerabilities, regardless of service contracts or product lifecycle status. We welcome vulnerability reports directly from researchers, industry groups, CERTs, partners and any other source as we do not require a non-disclosure-agreement for the report to be in place. We respect the interests of the reporting party (also anonymous reports if requested) and agree to handle any vulnerability that is reasonably believed to be related to our products or services. We strongly urge reporting parties to perform a coordinated disclosure, as immediate public disclosure causes a ‘0-day situation’ which puts our customers’ systems at unnecessary risk. Those systems comprise significant parts of the worldwide critical infrastructure.

Siemens ProductCERT internally investigates and reproduces the vulnerability. If needed, we request more information from the reporter.

Siemens ProductCERT performs internal vulnerability handling in collaboration with the responsible development groups. CERT teams having a partnership with us may be notified about the problem upfront.

During this time, regular communication is maintained between Siemens ProductCERT and the reporting party to inform about the current status and to ensure that the vendor’s position is understood by the reporting party. If available, pre-releases of software fixes may be provided to the reporting party for verification.

After the issue was successfully analyzed and if a fix is necessary to cope with the vulnerability, corresponding fixes will be implemented and prepared for distribution. Siemens ProductCERT will then release an advisory that contains all necessary information on our website (see Section “Contact Information” below).


The advisory usually contains the following information:

  • Description of the vulnerability with CVE reference and CVSS score
  • Identity of known affected products and software/hardware versions
  • Information on mitigating factors and workarounds
  • Timeline and the location of available fixes
  • With the reporting party’s consent, credit is provided for reporting and collaboration.

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