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Siemens offers record-breaking solutions for industrial and communal Combined Heat and Power, from single power trains to full turnkey installations.

Ensuring You Make the Most of Fuel

Where power is consumed, heat is often required as well. The processing industries use thermal energy for heating and drying or to produce steam. And in many regions of the world, the warmth in our very own homes is generated in centralized facilities. Producing both power and useful heat at the same time is the most cost-efficient way to cover these requirements: By making use of the hot exhausts normally emitted as waste, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation significantly reduces fuel consumption compared to conventional power plants and additional boiler equipment to produce heat. Thanks to this, the same electrical and thermal outputs can be achieved at much lower costs, while emissions to the environment are kept to a minimum. Explore Combined Heat and Power by Siemens to find out more about what cogeneration can do for your business.

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Bringing You the Best in Cogeneration

At Siemens, we have a proven track record of providing best-in-class products, solutions, and services for CHP. This is demonstrated by hundreds of cogeneration plants worldwide based on our expertise – first and foremost, our flagship plant "Lausward Fortuna" in Düsseldorf that set the world records for net efficiency, heating capacity, and electrical output, or Amata B.Grimm's industry parks with high fuel efficiency in power and heat generation. You see: we've made it work on the largest of scales, and we make it work for all smaller applications as well. From single gas and steam turbines or heat recovery steam generators to full turnkey installations: The same commitment is iterated in all of our projects around the globe, bringing out the best in Combined Heat and Power.

Providing the Perfect Match for All the Big and Small Things

Wherever heat is required for either industrial processing or public supply, Combined Heat and Power plants are a viable and beneficial alternative. Ideally, the thermal output of a cogeneration system is matched to the user's heat demand, and with our long-lasting experience in devising custom solutions for power production, we have all the necessary capabilities to meet your exact requirements. Whether you grow vegetables or heat cities – with our proven product range for CHP, including a wide selection of steam and gas turbines as well as our exhaustive portfolio of services, we can give just the right answers to your energy challenges of tomorrow.

How CHP Works

In Combined Heat and Power, the heat produced in a plant facility is utilized in other industrial processes, extracted to cover the heat demand of individual buildings, or exported to a district heating system. CHP plants are typically based on gas and/or steam turbines in simple or combined cycle configuration. In simple cycle, the waste heat generated by a gas turbine is captured in a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) or Waste Heat Recovery Boiler (WHRB) and used for heating or to produce process steam. In combined cycle CHP it is initially used by a second turbine to produce additional power. 

Benefits of Cogeneration

More for Less

More for Less

Most of the numerous benefits of Combined Heat and Power production are due to one decisive advantage: Efficiency. While only a small fraction – 35-60% – of the fuel used in conventional power plants is converted to useful power, fuel efficiency levels of up to 90% can be reached in CHP thanks to the heat utilization. For your business, this naturally means lower costs to produce the same amount of power.

A Green Way to Save Money

A Green Way to Save Money

Regardless of whether reducing your carbon footprint is among your primary targets, the financial savings offered by cogeneration come with a pleasant side effect: CHP is one of the few 'negative cost' methods of mitigating environmental impacts – an overall reduction of energy costs by up to 30% while simultaneously achieving a 15-40% decrease in carbon emissions speaks for itself. Profitability can be further increased for industrial applications by exporting excess power to the local grid.

Productivity You Can Count On

Productivity You Can Count On

Time is money – this holds true for any business, and producing power and heat independently from the grid in a dedicated CHP plant will add immensely to your security of supply. Furthermore, Siemens turbines and control systems offer maximum productivity due to their short start-up times, incredible reliability, and minimal inspection times in the case of steam turbines. Supplementary firing, redundancy and/or back-up boilers can be installed to further minimize unscheduled downtimes and provide additional operational flexibility. And for applications where flexibility in terms of changing or unconventional fuels is a requirement, our steam turbines represent the perfect solution as they are capable of coping with heat derived from a wide array of different combustibles, such as waste or biomass.

Steaming-Hot Flexibility

Flexibility is the Key to Success

Siemens gas turbines combine high exhaust gas temperatures with outstanding electrical efficiencies, offer broad fuel flexibility and low life-cycle costs. With their high availability, they represent a reliable power and heat source in manufacturing processes. Quick load following as well as good part-load efficiency ensure you get the operational flexibility you need. For industrial processes with fluctuating heat demand, heat peaking capability can be achieved with supplementary firing.

Our steam turbines can be configured to provide process steam at appropriate pressure levels for all kinds of industrial applications as well as district heating. As different applications require different qualities and quantities of steam, adaptability is a prerequisite for providing the best solutions for your needs. Every Siemens steam turbine can thus be equipped with uncontrolled or controlled steam extraction to meet specific demands.

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Around the World with Cogeneration

The numerous advantages of Combined Heat and Power production make it an ideal solution for an even greater number of possible applications. See how businesses across the globe benefit from Siemens products and solutions for CHP, from waste treatment in Scotland to textile manufacturing in Mexico.

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