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Today, as ever, the oil and gas market is volatile. While the industry grapples with major changes and tough decisions, Siemens experts urge businesses to look beyond this and prepare for a different future.


Oil is still Australia’s largest primary energy source (at 37% in 2015-16), and natural gas, the cleanest fossil energy source, will continue to grow in significance. In fact, Australia is expected to become the world’s largest exporter of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) within the next few years.

Globally, too, oil and gas will remain the backbone of our energy supply for decades to come. However, as existing operating models are increasingly challenged, new approaches are being sought to respond to market dynamics, environmental concerns, and the high costs of developing unconventional resources.

These issues are driving technological innovation that can help the industry to keep costs low, while improving safety, reliability and efficiency.

Focus on CAPEX and OPEX reduction

The volatile oil price is a huge challenge for the industry. The result is geater focus on reduced CAPEX and OPEX to enable profitability in production, transportation and processing. Depleting oil fields, for example, need 4% to 5% of production to be replaced every year. It is clear that the money needed for such investment must be earned in the markets.

Automation and digitalisation

The digital transformation has reached the oil and gas industry. More automation and intelligence lead to significant efficiency gains and improved safety throughout the value chain and for all phases of a project. The industry is seeking the right expertise in the process of merging the digital and real worlds and for the expedient IT tools.

Standardised and modular

Proven solutions are needed for safe operations. Standardisation along global operations, pre-fabricated and pre-tested solutions from a single source as well as modularized concepts are strategies to mitigate project risks. Increasing complexity calls for an integrated approach. Intensifying collaboration helps optimise technical solutions and streamline project execution.

Helping you to solve today’s challenges

How will your business survive today's challenging oil price environment? At the forefront of technological innovation for the oil and gas industry, Siemens is transforming operational performance across the entire value chain with automated and digitalized solutions.

Single-source supplier

Start-to-finish solutions

Delivering one solution for the entire value chain – from production to transportation to processing – increases productivity and makes businesses more competitive in an over-supplied market.

Siemens has invested more than 40 years in adding value, efficiency and innovation to the oil and gas industry. Following the acquisition of Dresser-Rand and the Rolls-Royce Energy gas turbine and compressor business, Siemens has completed the loop on its portfolio to act as a single-source supplier to the industry for all mission-critical technology.

Our aim is to better support customers in the Pacific region who want to improve their businesses with digitalisation and automation but need to reduce their project risk and total-cost-of-ownership.

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