Trust unites us – Building strong partnerships for 165 years

When a new international airport is being planned, when a doctor recommends a treatment to a patient, when political leaders and society want to ensure reliable energy supplies for the future, when a company wants to offer tailor-made service solutions, when the development of innovative products demands the creativity, experience and dedication of a wide range of experts, that’s when tough decisions have to be made – far-reaching decisions based on a strong sense of responsibility.
The success of our integrated technology company rests not only on our technological excellence, power of innovation and financial strength but also on our commitment to responsibility – a commitment that’s made us a strong partner of trust to people all around the world for 165 years.
Trust unites us – Building strong partnerships for 165 years
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Trust unites us – Building strong partnerships for 165 years
Ever since our Company was founded, we’ve stood for technological excellence, quality, reliability and international focus. Coupling innovative concepts and visionary ideas with a willingness to take calculable entrepreneurial risks in order to attain long-term success, our founder, Werner von Siemens, put us on track for achievement – as the following milestones from our history attest.
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What sets us apart –
What we stand for
People all over the world place their trust in Siemens because, as an integrated technology company, we’re poised to seize competitive advantages even in a challenging business environment. Siemens stands for:
  • Proximity With activities in some 190 countries, we’re close to our customers worldwide. The construction of Bengaluru International Airport is a prime example. Siemens employees are on site, providing the airport’s operators with products and solutions from a single source. Our global presence – coupled with development, procurement and production activities at customer locations all over the world – makes us a strong local partner and is strengthening our position on tomorrow’s growth markets.
  • Ideas Our research activities also span the globe. To create the technologies and innovations of tomorrow, the experts at our integrated technology company cooperate across organizational as well as regional boundaries, working closely with customers, universities, research facilities and industry partners worldwide. The Biograph mMR scanner – developed in collaboration with Tübingen University Hospital in Germany – is just one example of how our pioneering ideas are benefiting people everywhere.
  • Strength As a company with a solid financial basis and an outstanding competitive position, we practice intensive portfolio management, focusing our portfolio and investments on attractive markets with high growth potential. The successful test of our new six-megawatt wind turbines in Østerild, Denmark and our strong partnership with the German utility EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG show how this strategy is paying off: thanks to timely investments in offshore wind turbines and combined cycle power plants, we’re already profiting from the transition to a new energy system. Both technologies are part of our groundbreaking Environmental Portfolio.
  • Networking In all areas of Company-wide relevance, we foster continuous knowledge exchange across our entire organization. Our service business is a good example of how our cross-business activities are creating value. The IT-supported services we’re providing for machine tool manufacturer Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen, for instance, not only improve processes; they also strengthen customer loyalty. Other cross-business activities bundle our expertise in procurement and foster the development of our employees.
  • Diversity We offer our highly qualified, international workforce a wide range of opportunities for further education and professional development. Our Company-wide training and continuing education programs – coupled with measures to make our teams more diverse – are strengthening our employees and our management culture and enabling us to rigorously leverage the power of Siemens across our entire organization. A specialized software platform allows us to effectively and successfully coordinate diverse teams across continents and time zones. We also conduct entry-level programs for university graduates and run a Company-wide idea management program that enables us to benefit from our employees’ suggestions.