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A company geared for success and profitable growth needs a foundation of values, expertise and experience that encompasses both its history and the people who make it what it is: the company's employees, shareholders and customers.

At Siemens, sustainability - the future orientation that was fostered by our company's founding family back in the nineteenth century and continues to benefit our customers, shareholders and society today - is an integral part of our foundation.

And this foundation is the basis for the company strategy that's now enabling more than 400,000 Siemens employees around the world to channel their knowledge and skills into providing answers to the challenges of our time.

In this year's Annual Report, we'd like to present three projects that showcase our pioneering role in addressing these challenges. Underscoring our focus on innovation- and technology-driven growth markets, we first take a look at a solar thermal power plant in Lebrija, Spain. With a capacity of 50 megawatts, this trailblazing facility will soon be supplying carbon-free power to some 50,000 households.

Shanghai is our next stop. Join us in the Chinese megacity for a tour of the ultra-modern plant where we manufacture SOMATOM Spirit CT scanners. Then visit one of our customers to see how these scanners are helping improve healthcare in rural areas - proof of the importance we attach to cultivating a local presence worldwide and making technological advances available to people all around the globe.

Finally, we'd like to take you for a spin in a state-of-the-art electric car. In pushing electric mobility, we're going beyond vehicles whose advanced drives are launching a new era in transportation. We're also building smart grids that permit the low-loss, long-distance transmission of green electricity to urban areas and developing innovative concepts for batteries that help offset power supply fluctuations by serving as mobile power storage units.

These projects highlight just a few of the innovations spawned by the ideas and knowhow of our employees and realized by the strength of our company. And it's this strength - what we call the power of Siemens - that's enabling us to outpace our competitors by breaking new ground as modern-day pioneers and setting milestones for progress and development in societies worldwide.