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In the UAE, for the UAE

To learn how we can support the UAE along its ambitious journey, we focused on what matters most to the country and its citizens. 

Business to Society: In the UAE, for the UAE - Find our report and pocket map here.

We look beyond the bottom line of commercial activities and consider how our business serves society as a whole. We believe the purpose of our company is to contribute to the well-being of society and to impact positively on people’s lives.

Business to Society

What does a country need to meet its goals?


Every community is different and has unique needs. To play a beneficial role, we assess the effects and scope of our contributions.


Improving people’s lives means looking beyond commercial interests and examining how society as a whole can be served. To do so, it is crucial to first establish what is truly important to a nation’s government and people. 


Which is why we appraised our value to the UAE from an outside-in perspective, calling upon renowned global consultants to carry out objective evaluations. We also dug for raw data and analyzed recent documents and government initiatives, including UAE Vision 2021, the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, the Dubai Plan 2021, the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy, and the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030.


Being a better partner for the UAE means considering its specific concerns and stances on key issues. As the nation approaches its 50th anniversary, we are committed to helping it prosper.


To be a better partner for Qatar, we define key issues and action fields important to both stakeholders and society. Read on to discover how we measure our contribution through the jobs we create, the local suppliers we use, the environmental impact we mitigate, and the expertise we share. 

Making real what matters to future generations is what we strive for

Dietmar Siersdorfer, CEO of Siemens Middle East & UAE

Areas of operation

What matters to the UAE?

The UAE is striving to provide excellent education and healthcare; a competitive and knowledge-driven economy; a high quality of life; and an innovative, nurturing, and sustainable environment. In order to help the country achieve these goals – and to understand our own influence as a company – we identified which areas need improvement and are most important to the UAE.

the economy
quality of life
Developing local
jobs and skills
Protecting the

Strengthening the economy

Driving innovation

Improving quality of life

Developing local jobs and skills

Protecting the environment

Supporting Transformation

Siemens Value Map

How do we contribute to the UAE’s development?

Siemens has been involved in the UAE for nearly two decades. We help drive the economy, develop local jobs and skills, generate value-adding innovations, improve quality of life, sustain the environment, and support transformation, as shown in the Siemens Value Map. Take a look at some of our contributions: