In the UAE, for the UAE

To learn how we can support the UAE on its ambitious journey, we focused on what matters most to the country and its citizens. 

Business to Society: In the UAE, for the UAE - Find our report and pocket map here.

Areas of operation

What matters to the UAE?

The UAE is striving to provide excellent education and healthcare; a competitive and knowledge-driven economy; a high quality of life; and an innovative, nurturing, and sustainable environment. In order to help the country achieve these goals – and to understand our own influence as a company – we identified which areas need improvement and are most important to the UAE.

Driving the
quality of life
Sustaining the
Developing local
jobs and skills

Driving the economy

  • %

    of aluminum and steel industries in the UAE enabled by Siemens technology
  • Over

    customers supported across all emirates
  • %

    of the UAE's airport logistics are enabled by our technology


    of port logistics in the UAE enhanced by our technology

Value-adding innovation

  • %

    potential reduction in traffic congestion and


    potential transfer of road traffic to public transport through ongoing R&D projects
  • Our technology utilizes information from

    2 million

    data points and

    field devices to produce

    1 terabyte

    of annual data

Improving quality of life

  • Supplying


    of the UAE’s power generation capacity
  • Enabling

    medical decisions an hour via Siemens Healthineers equipment
  • Facilitating the delivery of


    of UAE’s daily water supply

Developing local jobs and skills

  • jobs enabled in the UAE
  • %

    of our UAE workforce is made up of women compared to 13% national average
  • +

    hours of customer training provided

Sustaining the environment

  • Reducing CO2 emissions by

    . million

    metric tons in the UAE
  • Achieved


    energy savings and


    water-use reduction at our regional headquarters in Masdar City
  • Generating


    more efficiency in water cooled chiller systems with Siemens technology

Supporting transformation

  • +

    different nationalities in our local offices
  • Contributed

    AED million

    to the Pearl Initiative Program supporting corruption prevention
  • hours of health and safety training provided

Business to Society

What does a country need to meet its goals?


At Siemens, our mission is to make real what matters – but who decides what matters? At Siemens, we think it is the societies in which we function that determine “what matters” – each with unique needs and development goals.


We believe that companies should look beyond commercial interests, to identify how we can be integral parts of society and in the improvement of people’s lives. To accomplish this, we must first understand what is truly important to a nation’s government and its people.


This is why we appraised our value to the UAE from an outside-in perspective, calling upon renowned global consultants to carry out objective evaluations. We also dug for raw data and analyzed recent documents and government initiatives, including UAE Vision 2021, the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, the Dubai Plan 2021, the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy, and the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030.


Being a better partner for the UAE means considering its specific concerns and stances on key issues. As the nation approaches its 50th anniversary, we are committed to helping it prosper.

Making real what matters to future generations is what we strive for

Dietmar Siersdorfer, CEO of Siemens Middle East & UAE

Siemens Value Map

How do we contribute to the UAE’s development?

Siemens has been a local company for nearly two decades. We strive to support the UAE in its vision to diversify the economy, develop a knowledge-based economy, increase UAE-based innovation, drive citizens’ and residents’ happiness by improving quality of life, improve key environmental targets and ensure heritage and future developments coexist in harmony.