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Dr. Ulrich Eberl
Herr Dr. Ulrich Eberl
  • Wittelsbacherplatz 2
  • 80333 Munich
  • Germany
Dr. Ulrich Eberl
Herr Florian Martini
  • Wittelsbacherplatz 2
  • 80333 Munich
  • Germany
Scenario 2040
The Oracle from the Lake
Short Takes
News from Siemens’ Labs
More than Meets the Eye
Scenario 2050
A Visit to the Future
Cardiac Care in Cameroon
Hope for African Hearts
Scenario 2060
What Will They Think of Next?
Prenatal Care for Aquatic
Gender and Work
A Man’s World? Think Again!
The Perpetual Optimization...
Technology You Can Touch
The Project of the Century
Facts and Forecasts
Growth Market of the Future
Hearing Aids
How to Put Brains in...
Interview: Jochen
Gas-Fired Power Plants
Good News in the Pipeline
Earth Summit in Rio
Optimism? Yes!
Disaster Prevention
Digital Guardians
The Next Network
Facts and Forecasts
How Wealth Affects Health
Transition to Renewables
An Electrified Nation
Green City Index
How Cities Can Learn
Interview: Prof. Elgar
Alzheimer’s Detection
Evidence-Based Imaging
From Brain to Behavior
Networked Logistics
Agents for the Auto Industry
Interview: Prof. William
Brian Arthur
Sniffing out Diseases
Facts and Forecasts
Renewables: Global Growth
Assistance Systems
Senior Living 2.0
Renewable Energy
Bigger Blades in the Wind
Virtual Worlds
Meeting on Mars
Paths to Personalized Care
Power Transmission
Electricity Superhighways
No Cause for Panic!
Production Software
Pills with Memories
Wind-to-Grid Connections
Giants of the North Sea
Interview: Prof. Patrick
Automation in China
Great Leap in the Making
E-DeMa Project
When Data Comes Home
Electric Trucks
Ready to Roll
Light Rail Systems
Riding in Style
Automotive Software
Road to a Digital Future
Private Participation
Power from the People
Electric Vehicles
Charging Hits the Road
Off-Grid Solutions
A Village Transformed
Software Agents
How to Simulate a Smart Grid
Energy-Efficient Buildings
Showcases for Sustainability
Interview: Prof. David
Virtual Power Plants
Energy from Everywhere
Demand Management
Balancing Act
On-the-Job Usability
In Search of the Ideal...
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